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Why You Should Stop Doing Yoga

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If you're serious about living a life of purpose and meaning, and a deep connection to Source or Spirit or God--by whatever name. You need to stop doing yoga.

Stop doing yoga? I know that sounds crazy. Especially coming from someone who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to teaching people how to use yoga to live happier and more connected lives. But hear me clearly when I say that the emphasis here is not on the word "yoga"; it's on the word "doing". The invitation is to stop doing yoga, and start using yoga. Here's what we forget. Yoga is just a tool, a collection of tools, actually. And what's important to remember, is that a tool by itself, without a detailed understanding about how the tool is designed to solve a problem... well, it's next to worthless. I mean, think of a tool like, like a scalpel.

And imagine using it without understanding exactly how it can help to solve a particular disease. "Nurse, prepare the patient for surgery." "Yes. Doctor, what kind of surgery?" Oh, I don't know. I'm just going to do some scalping." It's preposterous, right? It's obvious a scalpel isn't something to be done. You don't do scalping.

You use a scalpel in order to help you cure the patient's disease. And this requires an understanding of the cause of that disease. And so it goes with yoga. Yoga is not something to be done. You use yoga in order to help you cure your own dis-ease. And this likewise requires an understanding of the cause of that dis-ease.

Because let's face it, depending upon the cause, our healing strategy, and the yoga tools we use, can change radically. Healing the mental and emotional scars from a past trauma... Well, that calls for a different approach from countering chronic negativity. And that calls for a different approach than say restoring self esteem or removing limiting beliefs that are keeping us stuck in more of the same.

So the invitation becomes this: stop doing yoga, and start using yoga: intentionally, deliberately, with a clear vision of what aspect of yourself that you're wanting to restore to the health and the wholeness that you deserve. And of course, if I can help in any way, it would be my honor.

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