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Let's END
(once and for all)
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Let me help you to break free from the control that food & eating have over you—for good
 (without struggle or willpower) 

    Are you tired of the struggle against cravings and urges?
    Ready to be done with the constant obsessive thinking about food?
    Want to have a relaxed and healthy relationship with food and eating?

If so, you'll want to know this...

Putting the struggle with eating behind you can begin only when you address the REAL PROBLEM.


The REAL PROBLEM is not what most of us have been taught...

s NOT that you lack willpower,
 discipline, or self-control...
It's NOT that you don't have the right meal plan or diet or accountability program...
It's NOT that you are somehow defective or abnormal or weak...

If you feel trapped in a struggle with food, the REAL PROBLEM is this:

Your brain has developed an unhealthy, dysfunctional, maybe even addicted, relationship with food.

And until that is fixed, your struggle can never end. That's just science.
You see, problem eating comes from sabotaging mental patterns that live deep in the subconscious mind. Patterns that drive the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you act around food.
We're talking about...

👉 Damaging Habits of Thinking like...
      The constant obsession with thoughts or fantasies of food and eating.

👉 Limiting Beliefs like...
     "I'm doomed to struggle with my eating, weight, or body-image for life."

👉 Hair-trigger reactivity...
      That robs you of self-control no matter how many times you promise yourself you'll do better.

All of which can trap you in an exhausting and never-ending battle.


These sabotaging mental patterns CAN be changed! 💙

I know because I've been helping people to permanently break free from their struggles with food and eating for over 30 years.

And, if you allow me, it would be my honor to help you too.

Christine Romero

Hear how Four Weeks to Freedom helped Christine  end her 40-year struggle with food 

Christine, sauce.jpg
Christine, sauce.jpg

My Vision for You...

The goal is simple: You enjoying life with a confident, relaxed ease around food and eating—in all situations.

To accomplish this, we'll be working together using a proven process based in Yoga & Neuroscience to lastingly change your brain's invisible subconscious beliefs and hidden sabotaging habits that fuel problem eating patterns.

That means you'll be taking back control...


  • Without struggling to resist impulses, cravings, and urges in a way that just leaves you exhausted and overwhelmed.

  • Without starving yourself with miserable diets and brutal food restrictions that rob you of the joy in life.

  • Without battling against frustration, anxiety, shame, guilt, and regret.

In short, you'll be becoming someone who is healthy in body, mind, and spirit—and who is totally proud of the person they see in the mirror each morning.

Best of all, we'll be doing it together, 

step-by-step, online, and in just minutes a day.

So, whether you're trapped in a struggle against emotional eating, tormented by constant thoughts about food, wrestling with food addiction, or are simply sick and tired of failing at diet after diet after diet...


This could be the missing piece that will set you free.

For my entire life, I've been literally obsessed with food. For the first time, I actually feel normal...

Bob Mihalic

I can see now why nothing before this has worked. The diets, the therapy, the avoidance of triggers...Eric's combination of yoga with brain-based science is genius. It has literally given me my life back.

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Exactly what we'll be doing...

Together, we’ll be solving the three biggest problems that keep people trapped in a battle with harmful eating patterns:


  1. Stopping the constant, obsessive thoughts about food & eating.

  2. Breaking free of the control of urges, impulses & cravings.

  3. Creating a natural and healthy relationship with food that fills you with ease in every situation.

To do this, we'll meet online weekly for small group coaching and to work through our four weekly learning modules that will empower you to make lasting changes in your brain's relationship to food...

Deeply relax your body and mind to break the cycle of impulsive eating

Here you'll learn the science-based fast-track to breaking the cycle of harmful eating patterns while you create a deep calm and ease in your body & mind using our simple yoga and relaxation exercises. 


Learning videos and exercises: Approximately 40 minutes per day



Discover effortless ease and personal empowerment that lasts

In Module 2, you'll put the brakes on the flood of tormenting thoughts and feelings about food using our custom brain-training exercises. Instantly breathe easier when you reclaim your brain from the obsession with food.


Learning videos and exercises: Approximately 40 minutes per day

Woman coffee rev.jpg



Transform your relationship with food—organically

In this Module, you'll be neutralizing the food triggers that drive you to eat by re-training your brain to live in a relaxed harmony with situations of every kind.

Learning videos and exercises: Approximately 40 minutes per day




Master your feelings so you can breathe easy in every situation

In our final Module, you'll master your emotions and troubling feelings so you can feel more calm, confident, and in control—without even trying.

Learning videos and exercises: Approximately 40 minutes per day

Family dinner



Four Weeks to Freedom is designed with your busy life in mind and can be completed in less than an hour a day. It is suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. No prior yoga experience is needed.



Releasing the struggle is all about coming into harmony with yourself—and your life.

In this module, you'll be conducting brain-training exercises that cultivate an organic and effortless ease that stops the creation of triggering thoughts and feelings in their tracks.

Family taking a stroll on the shore._edited.jpg

This program has changed my life in ways that I will ever be able to express in words...

The brain-training exercises really do work! The program has helped me feel empowered and confident and my cravings are all but gone. I cannot thank you enough for the joy you have brought back in my life!

Tripti Choudury

Tripti testimonial thumb.png

Live Online Class Schedule

Welcome & Orientation

Group Coaching Session 1

Group Coaching Session 2

Group Coaching Session 3

Group Coaching Session 4

Personal Success Planning Session

Sat, Feb 10th*

Tue, Feb 13th*

Tue, Mar 12th*

Tue, Feb 20th*

Tue, Feb 27th*

Tue, Mar 5th*

All sessions will be held at 5:00pm Pacific

(6pm Arizona, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern)

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coaching program

4WTF Logo-White.png

Step into a new confident and healthy relationship with food.

Four Comprehensive Video Learning Modules

Each week, you'll get a new module with a series of short video lessons to transform your relationship to food naturally.

Custom Daily Brain-Training Drills

Each day you'll use proven exercises to repattern your subconscious habits and beliefs to effortlessly end your struggle with eating for good.

Weekly Live Online Coaching Sessions

Meet live, online for guidance, tips, and inspiration from Eric personally and from your fellow students in fun, interactive coaching sessions.



to ensure your success

  • Special yoga-based mind-body relaxation exercises to calm impulses, cravings, and urges.
    ($149 VALUE)


  • Online video posture library to help you modify your yoga poses to suit your age, experience level, or ability.
    ($299 VALUE)


  • BrightLife Sleep System to soothe and restore the nervous system and get you the rejuvenating sleep you need to stay in control.
    ($149 VALUE)

  • One year of unlimited access to the Membership Portal and online community with all course materials, exercises, and recorded replays of all sessions.
    ($324 VALUE)


  • NEW: Personal Success Plan - At the end of the program, we'll meet live online where I’ll help you chart your course to maintaining your new and relaxed relationship to food well after the program is over. ($299 Value)

your journey includes...




If you are not totally satisfied with FWTF, just let us know within 7 days of purchase and we'll cheerfully refund your money. No questions asked.

​​Four Weeks to Freedom is suitable for anyone independent of physical fitness level. No prior yoga experience is required.

I never thought I'd be able to say this, but the years of shame and guilt for sneaking food and hiding my binging are behind me for good. Don't tell Eric, but I would have gladly paid 5X what I did for this program.

Confident Mature Woman

I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on diets and therapy and nothing has ever worked like this...

Cynthia Lopez

Eric Walrabenstein is a best-selling author and mind-body wellness expert, and for over 30 years, he's been helping people reclaim their lives from addictions, compulsions, and traumas of every kind.


Over three decades ago, Eric discovered the secrets to combining the ancient wisdom of yoga and Eastern mind-body wisdom with modern neuroscience to guide his own journey back to health and wholeness.

Since then, he's made it his life mission to help
 as many people as he can reclaim the lives of joy and meaning they were put here to live.


It's why he created Four Weeks to Freedom.

Your Teacher & Guide


Live Happy sm cutout.png

So far, Eric has helped thousands around the globe with his programsincluding over 6,000 of our troops and veterans he helped heal from the horrors of war using the BOOTSTRAP Stress Management System he built for the U.S. Military.

as seen on...
Yoga Journal.png

I knew if I wanted to have a full and happy life I needed to find help. I only wish I'd done this years ago...

From the very first session I felt more space and ease inside of myself and for the first time in my life felt true FREEDOM. By the fourth week, I saw my body start to truly transform and I actually felt whole!

Carrie Anderson

Carrie A testimonial thumb.png


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