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for your podcast or live event!

I love to share the good news of hope, happiness, and unseen possibilities with audiences of every kind.

The truth is the ancient wisdom from the yoga and meditation masters can be tailored to empower anyone to live a more meaningful and productive life.

And for 30 years, I've specialized in making these life-changing practices accessible and relevant for people from all walks of life.

Let me help you serve and inspire your audience with actionable insights and practical tools to awaken to the majesty that life has waiting for them.

They'll thank you for it!

Scroll down for sample topics & sound bites

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- Health and wellness
- Personal development and self-mastery
- Spiritual growth and enlightenment
- Weight loss and emotional eating

- Entrepreneurship and peak performance

- Addiction and recovery
- Healing from trauma and PTSD

- And many more...


Yoga's Shortcut to Happiness

How to find lasting happiness right in the middle of the life you've got now.

How to Build a Spiritual Life You Love

How to awaken a lived experience of the Divine in everyday life.

The Yoga of Peaceful Parenting

How to create the calm and present state of being your kids deserve in any situation.

Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

How to create a growth mindset to see and use the real transformational opportunities in daily life.

Healing Past Trauma

How to return the nervous system to its natural relaxed balance and find the joy in life you deserve.

Breaking Free from Cravings and Urges
How to outsmart the forces that drive unwanted behaviors and addictions

Other topics include...
- The secret to emotional self-mastery

- The spiritual solution to everyday problems

- How to stop overwhelm in its tracks

- Intuition and decision making

- How to do less and get more done

- Neuroplasticity and yoga's science of behavior change


How to Navigate Grief
Excerpt from The Mindset Game Podcast



How to Tune-in to Life's Guidance

Excerpt from What and Who is a Healer

How to See the Perfection in Each Moment

Eric's Podcast: This Perfect Moment. [Full episode]

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