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Hello and welcome!


My name is Eric Walrabenstein.

Some people know me as a teacher of meditation and yoga, others as a best-selling author and behavior-change expert, and still others as an educator and entrepreneur in the mind-body wellness field. 

But really, the truth is much simpler than any of that. It’s this:


I help people create their very best lives—from the inside out.


Here’s the thing: I have a very clear vision for each and every one of us:


  • It’s one in which we all live in an unshakeable certainty of why we are here and what we want to create in our lives;

  • It’s one in which we stand confident and assured in our abilities and contribution;

  • It’s one in which the the feeling of abundance, meaning and joy pervades each moment of our every endeavor.


And everything I do, whether it’s writing, speaking, teaching, or coaching, is in support of that vision.

How I Got Here...


To be honest, for the first thirty-five years of my life, I was a mess. Not on the outside mind you, but on the inside.


Starting out as an infantry officer in the U.S. Army, transitioning to the civilian sector, first in sales, then marketing and communications, and finally as part of the executive team in the then up-and-coming internet space, I was a categorical success, drawn along by the current of a rich and varied career.

But through it all, what was happening on the outside of my life didn’t match what was happening on the inside.

Despite my successes, I was consumed by a chronic sense of struggle. I labored under an ever-present feeling of stress and angst. And I felt as if I was always one step behind where I should be. No matter what I achieved, I never really felt as if I had arrived anywhere.

The truth is that life had swallowed me up whole. And even worse was the fact that it felt like I was victim of my life, much more than the architect of it. Swept along in the rat race at an ever increasing pace, I knew I had to get out.


So I took control. Again and again, in fact.

I left the U.S. Army for the corporate world, a number of years later I left the corporate world for the non-profit sector, eight years after that I left the non-profit sector for the nascent internet industry, all interspersed with stints in Zen centers, monasteries, and ashrams.


But no matter where I went or what I did, those feelings of angst, of worry, of stress, they wouldn't leave me alone. No matter the industry, no matter the position, no matter the location (and this included even much of my time in monastaries and meditation centers); I found myself on, if not the same, a very similar treadmill that would never let me get ahead.


It took me years, but finally the cruel cosmic joke hit me square in the face:


Throughout my entire life, my obsession with building a better future, had me turning my back on the possibility of happiness NOW.

I was convinced that my life was somehow lacking and that without the success and the money and the adulation of those around me, I couldn't be happy.


And so I wasn't.


But it wasn't the circumstances that were poisoning my inner peace and joy. It was me.


Through no fault of my own, I had never developed my in-born abilities to tap a sense of inner peace and joy where I was. In each moment. In each circumstance. The world, it seemed, was so busy teaching me how to get ahead, it had never shown me how to be whole here, and now.

I remember the first time I read the words of the great Zen Master Dogen: "If you cannot find the truth where you are now, you will never find it." It hit me. And that's when everything changed.

I finally realized, viscerally, that my life was only ever occurring NOW. And that was true now, and in every imagined future now. So if I wished to find the joy and lightness and peace I craved, it could only happen now.

That was the thought that steered me to dive into the ancient teachings of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga in a whole new way.

Rather than trying to master these practices as I had been for many years before, I began to use them to uncover something deep within me. It was in this way that I found a deep and pervading sense of relief and wholeness that literally changed my life.


In no time at all, I found myself experiencing a buoyant sense of joy and meaning that seemed to come from nowhere. It felt as if a void had been filled within me. It was so powerful that it compelled me to leave everything else behind. I had found my life's calling.


Since that time nearly thirty years ago, I've been privileged to be able to help literally thousands of people all around the globe using the very same secrets that set me free.

How I Help...


My goal has never been to make people meditators or yoga practitioners. Instead, it has been to help people sculpt the lives they want—with the help of these ancient and proven technologies of mind and body.


Which, as I’ve learned in my own life, are powerful antidotes to the harried pace and demands of modern life.


To that end, I’ve been singularly focused on extracting the essence from these practices and making them practical and relevant for creating everything from productivity to happiness, and from wellness to meaning, for people from all walks of life.


I’ve worked with tens of thousands of people in my Phoenix-based wellness center, Yoga Pura. I’ve helped thousands of military service members and veterans all around the world, and now my mission is to help as many people as I possibly can to put these powerful tools to work and create the happy, healthy, and productive lives they deserve.


Let me know how I might help you. It’s why I’m here.