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Change Your Karma, Change Your Life

Ever feel like you’re being held back by your current circumstances?

Maybe it’s a relationship that has your trapped…

Or perhaps a financial hardship has left you hopeless…

Or even a crisis in self-worth that’s stripped you of your confidence…

And if you’re like most people…

The harder you try to escape, the more tenaciously you seems to stay stuck in the same place.

Well, here’s what the ancient yoga masters would want you to know…

It’s not your circumstances that are holding you back.

It’s your karma.

But, likely not in the way you might think about it.

You see, karma is not some unhinged, woo-woo idea.

It’s a Natural Law that governs how circumstances come into being

(including those that are right now facing you)

And your karma it is driven by patterns that live in your brain.

Habituated patterns in the form of…


Mental narratives




And more.

Some of which may be working for your highest good.

Some of which may be working directly against your highest good.

To put it another way…

Your karma is not something that is happening to you.

Your karma is something that is living within you.

And your karma, whether made up of positive or devastatingly negative mental phenomena, is the driving force that is right now creating your reality.

That’s why…

If you wish to change your circumstances,

you must first change the CAUSE of your circumstances

And that comes down to changing your karma.

Which is what is at the heart of the practices of authentic yoga…of course, beyond the mere practice of postures.

For those wanting to learn more about karma—together with how to change it, along with your life…

Next month, our weekly workshops inside the BrightLife Yoga Collective will be devoted to just that.

We’ll be exploring…

Where our karma comes from…

How it affects our relationships, careers, health, and happiness…

How to change our karma to change the circumstances that appear in our lives…

It’s going to be a month packed full of inspiring lectures and powerful practices to help you sculpt your best life from the inside out.

Live online every Monday at 5pm Pacific.

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