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Faith: A Bridge to Your Heart's Desire

There is one thing, more than any other, that is the key to you living the life of your heart’s desire. And that thing is faith (or, as we say in yoga, shraddha).

But it might not be the faith you’re thinking about, so let’s start with a definition. Faith is your belief in things not yet seen. That is to say, it’s a belief in possibility—a possibility that may very well seem to be contradicted by what your senses may be telling you right in this very moment.

Faith is my belief in my abundant nature, despite my current bank account balance...

Faith is my belief in my worthiness, despite my current relationship challenges...

Faith is my belief in my empowerment and happiness, despite my addiction or my eating disorder or my traumatic past…

Faith is the bridge we create over the so-called obstacles between us and the lives we deserve.

And this is why is faith so critical to a life well lived. Because without the bridge over those “obstacles” we remain trapped on the shores of what is, cut off from the majesty of what could be. But don’t believe me. Ask yourself, if you truly don’t believe a goal to be possible, would you even lift a finger to try to move toward that goal?

I mean, when was the last time you dug up your backyard looking for a treasure chest of gold doubloons?

Never, right? Well, let me hypothesize that that’s all because you don’t believe there really is a treasure chest in your backyard. You don’t have the faith that you’d find it there. And so you don’t act.

No faith. No effort. It really is that simple.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting there *is* a treasure chest buried beneath that row of potted begonias to the left of the barbeque in your backyard , but I am suggesting that many, many, many wonderful things are possible for you in your life—things that lie beyond what your mind would have you believe is possible. And these are things, that without faith, will remain forever out of your grasp. THIS is why so many of us stay stuck in lackluster circumstances—sometimes for life. It's easy to forget that the mind is the kindest of hosts to the very enemies of faith: Limiting beliefs, sabotaging narratives, and dysfunctional thought patterns that work day in and day out to block us from seeing the possibility that our lives really do hold for us. We look at others who are living amazing lives of love, abundance, and health, and the mind then rationalizes a million reasons why the same is not possible for us… “I’m not as smart or good looking or lucky as she is…” “I don’t have the education or connections or talent that they do…”

“That kind of love/success/wealth is just not in the cards for me…”

These doubts, and so many others like them, masquerade as facts, and become the very things that keep us mired in more of the same.

And here’s the punchline: The door of the prison cell of your doubt, the door that leads directly to your heart’s most cherished desire, is easily unlocked with the key that you’ve been holding in your hand all along. That key is your faith. If I were you, I'd use it.

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