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What if the way to happiness 
wasn't what they told us?

I want to tell you about the secret to happiness that nobody is talking about...

When it comes to happiness, only two things really matter.

Your thoughts and your feelings.

When certain thoughts and feelings are present, we say we are happy. When others are present, we say we are not.

And so, with our thoughts and feelings playing such a critical role in our happiness, you’d think that we wouldn’t rely on the most circuitous, difficult, and unreliable means to influence them.

But we do.

Because that’s what we’ve been taught.

The sad truth is that we’ve been taught the long way to happiness. The way that requires us to get everyone and everything around us to cooperate with our agendas so we can feel okay.

Get the right education...
Get the right job...
Find the right partner...
Buy the right house...
Raise the right family...
Have the right bank account balance...
Take care of your health...

(and keep all of these balls in the air)

And then, the logic goes, you’ll be happy.

But what happens when all of these things—and others we rely on—don’t cooperate?

Well, let’s just say it’s not a pretty picture
(and it’s why so many struggle their entire lives).

But it’s all so unnecessary.

The fact is there is a faster, easier, and far more reliable way to invite happiness into your life. Directly. Without having to count on the stars lining up in your favor.

It’s one the ancient masters from all the great wisdom traditions knew about.

And it’s time we put it to work.

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