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The Real Magic of Manifestation

How to manifest your heart’s desire. This has been this month’s topic inside the BrightLife Yoga Collective, and we’ve seen some amazing things. We’ve had Members who have manifested new relationships…

We’ve seen Members who called into existence improved financial circumstances…

We’ve had Members who have created great relief from past traumas…

And so much more. And as amazing as this kind of success may be, for me, these successes are not the real benefit of the exploration of the power of Manifestation.

In fact, we could argue they are mere crumbs and table scraps as compared to the true blessing this practice can bestow upon us. For those who may not be aware, Manifestation, sometimes referred to as the Law of Assumption, or Conscious Creation, is the practice of creating our experience of life, not through effort, as so many of us have been taught, but by harnessing the creative potential of intentional thought and feeling. It’s based on the model of the universe, found in so many of the world’s scriptures, that suggests Consciousness, not matter, is the primary reality. And that all that exists, is merely variously collapsed and condensed expressions of that same Consciousness. Now, I’ll admit, I myself have seen more so-called miracles of manifestation than I can count--both for myself and my students over the years.

But what I want to make clear is what the true gift from this practice may really be.

For it is easy to get starry-eyed about the magical appearance of one’s desires materializing in one’s life—seemingly out of nowhere… The resolution of a conflict… The acquisition of a new home…

The healing of a chronic illness…

But, for me, the real blessing that Conscious Creation bestows upon us lies not in the things or circumstances or people that result from the practice, but what their effortless appearance points toward. And that is: who you are.

You see, too many of us travel through life convinced of our inadequacies, our limitations, and, even worse, our separateness.

We believe ourselves to be time-bound meat puppets weighed down by fears and anxieties and material constraints that squelch our well-being and squash our desires. It’s an existence that is at best anxiety-producing, and at worse, terrifying.

Thankfully, as real as that mirage may seem, we are all so much more than this temporal body-mind, and this is what the practice of Conscious Creation can reveal to us.

That’s why I would like to make an invitation to all our Members in the BrightLife Yoga Collective—and anyone else engaged in this practice. As you begin to have you own successes with Conscious Creation, and you find yourself watching in amazement as your life begins to morph and change in beautiful ways that you never believed possible… Don’t get distracted by the manifestations, instead, look to what it means about who you are.

Is it conceivable that a mere chunk of temporarily animated flesh could wield such power? Or is it more likely that there is an unseen reality to who or what you truly are?

Because I can attest: when I began to tap my own creative power, it became startlingly clear that I was something greater that this mere body and mind:

Something more powerful than I had ever imagined… Something eternal that transcends what my mind can even conceive...

Something that stands apart from the daily trials and tribulations and illness and disappointments that can so dramatically color my life... And, for me, there is a feeling of great relief and liberation in this.

Here’s the fact.

You are the indwelling One. Call it Spirit or Source or God, this Creative Consciousness is something that preceded the manifestation of your body-mind and will remain even when your body-mind is no more.

It is: Who. You. Are. And it is this: the realization of our true identity, something some would call enlightenment or spiritual realization or even God-realization, that true freedom dawns and we realize, as it is said in the Bhagavad Gita, that “I am the origin of creation.” Because it really is true: “The Christ in you is the hope of glory.”

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