How to Clear Bad Karma

Updated: Aug 23

Learn a quick and easy technique to break free from the influence of your bad karma. Prefer to read? No worries, the transcript is below.

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If it’s true that our bad karma can poison every area of our lives, from our careers to our relationships to, even, our health…it might be helpful to know how the heck do we get rid of it? In this video, that’s exactly what we’re going to explore.

Hi, it’s Eric Walrabenstein, and this month inside the BrightLife Yoga Collective, we’ve been talking all about karma…and more specifically, how you can change your own personal karma to completely change your life: Now, you might remember from the last video, we talked about your personal karma as being made up thousands upon thousands of bits of mental programming. This programming is called samskaras in yoga, and it all lives in the brain. Your samskaras are the source of your likes and dislikes, your fears and doubts, and even your confidence and clarity.

It’s why paying attention to your karma, even managing it, is so critical, at least, if we want to live the happy and empowered lives we’re meant to have. So, since that last video (and I’ll put a link to it in the description), so many o