Happiness & Yoga's Science of Mind

[A Podcast with Yogacharya Eric Walrabenstein]

The true and authentic practice of yoga has much more to do with your happiness than your hamstrings. And, let's not forget, your happiness is everything. Your happiness nourishes your children... Your happiness nurtures your spiritual life... Your happiness makes you the best version of you...

Watch this episode and learn how you can use yoga's most sacred wisdom to get your mind on your side—and start enjoying more calm and joy, right here, right now, with the life you've got. It's all in my conversation with the amazing Vered Kogen on the MINDset Game Podcast where we discuss...

  • How to turn anxiety and overwhelm into calm and harmony in any situation.

  • Why trauma from the past can follow us for years and how to chart your own return to wholeness.

  • How to use yoga to change your karma and revitalize your experience of life.

And so much more! CLICK BELOW to watch now

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