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Is Reality What You Think It Is?

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There's a meme that's been making the rounds on the internet and maybe you've heard of it. Or seen it. It's a recording of the words, "green needle" or "brainstorm." And the remarkable thing is that you hear, not what's being said, you hear what you expect to hear.

When you read or hold in your mind, the phrase "green needle" that's what you hear.

On the other hand, when you read or hold in your mind, the phrase "brainstorm" that's what you hear. From the very same audio. Check it out.

Of course, there are neurological explanations for this, but understanding the cause, well, that's not really our purpose here today. Instead, I invite you to consider the effect that this very real phenomenon is having on how you see the world, on what you believe the world to be, on who you believe yourself to be. What are the practical ramifications of seeing, not what is true, but what your brain expects to be true?

I mean, if you can clearly hear "brainstorm" when I am legitimately hearing "green needle" or vice-a-versa, what else in our world has been grossly distorted by our minds. Are we ever really seeing things clearly, as they are?

If you've ever wondered how someone can support a political candidate who is so obviously vile and awful...

Green needle.

And if you ever wondered how someone can be blind to the clear and pervasive injustices of the world...


And if you've ever wondered why you, as a divine being who is always, already, connected to the whole of the universe, why you feel separate or anxious or afraid...

Now, you know.

Your feeling of separateness or doubt or inadequacy, it has nothing to do with the Truth. It's just a reflection of what your brain has learned to expect.

And that is where the door to possibility swings open.

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