How To Stop Suffering

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Think about this.

Most people spend more time and energy taking care of their hair than they do taking care of their Soul.

It sounds crazy. Right?

But look around…

So many people are suffering these days…

With anxiety and overwhelm.

With doubt and uncertainty.

With grief and loss.

And yet:

Most are doing almost nothing to help themselves...

to heal

to regain wholeness

to find ease and joy again

But, it’s not their fault.

We live in a world that is so obsessed with success and appearances and distractions…

that it has become far too easy to forget what really matters:

A real and lived connection with our truest essence

(whether you call it your Soul or Source or Spirit or God)

And without that lived connection, we suffer…

With anxiety and overwhelm

With doubt and uncertainty

With grief and loss

No, the current world affairs are not responsible for our brokenness.

We are.

And, we alone can fix it.

(and more easily than you may think)

So, here’s my invitation...

Take an inventory.

Look in the mirror.

And ask yourself (and honestly answer)…

“How much am I sincerely investing in my connection to what really matters?”