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How to Connect to the True You

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One of the most liberating things, in fact, one of the most important things we can do, particularly in times like these, is to develop a connection to that part of ourselves that is forever undisturbed.

It's the part of you that may be aware of conflict, but that itself has never been conflicted.

It's the part of you that may be aware of anxiety, but itself has never been anxious.

It's the part of you that may be aware of anger or doubt or fear, but as always, already been free of these things.

Of course, I'm pointing to the aspect of your being that lives beneath the waves of such disturbances. Some would call it Spirit or Source or Soul, or maybe even God. But our labels, they don't really matter. What matters is that we're able to settle into this always, already calm yet spacious aspect of ourselves.

Here's what we miss.

There is great silence here right now: in between and behind all of these words.

Rest as that.

There's profound stillness here right now: it's the space through which all things move, the background.

Soften into that.

Be the truth of who you are beyond this body and mind.

Now I understand some may dismiss this invitation, the invitation to reconnect, as a frivolous pursuit, but be assured the truth is there's a penalty, and a severe penalty, for living disconnected from our fullness, from our, our being-ness.

When we live lives of disconnection, we live subject to the whims of circumstance. Forever buffeted and assaulted and controlled by the people, events and circumstances all around us.

We're pummeled by the storms of emotion.

We're battered by the turmoil of thought.

Disconnected, we experienced life as, as fractious, and filled with friction and conflict.

All the while, our ever calm and peaceful and spacious nature goes unnoticed.

So then, where do we find this undisturbed part of ourselves?

And the answer comes: here.

And how do we connect to this undisturbed part of ourselves?

And the answer comes: look.

Really look.

Right now.

But not with your eyes or your ears or any of your conventional senses.

And certainly not with your mind.

But with your original sense, the sense that senses your conventional senses.

Right now, the eyeballs see,

but who or what is it that lives behind the eyeballs?

The ears hear,

but who or what is it that receives the sound?

The mind thinks,

but who or what is it that is aware of the thoughts?

Rest back in that.

In your watcher,

your witness,

your You.

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