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How to Align with Your Purpose

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So, here's what we need to remember. We weren't born into this life to struggle. We were born to thrive, to live in health and harmony, and in alignment with our purpose and our highest good. And when we are not in alignment, with our purpose and with our highest good, we feel anxious, or doubtful, or angry, or frustrated.

The fact is, these troubling feelings...well, they're troubling for a reason.

They're trying to get our attention.

These so-called negative emotions are the gentle, and sometimes not-so-gentle, hands of the Universe, or Source, or God, trying to nudge us back into alignment with our purpose, with our highest good.

The trouble is too many of us, well, we just don't listen.

If you're like most people, here's what you might not recognize.

Anxiety is your friend.

Doubt is your friend.

And yes, anger, frustration, and even shame and regret... All your friends.

Each one is inviting you to get back on course before it's too late.

My anxiety, it's prodding me to place my attention on the blessings of the here and now, instead of on all the horrific "what if" scenarios spun by my twisted mind.

My doubt, well, it's reminding me of my inherent worthiness by making me feel bad when I entertain thoughts of somehow being not good enough.

And my anger is begging me to remember that my path is to live in harmony with the people and circumstances of my life.

And the thing is it's in my best interest to listen to them, even be grateful for them.

I mean, think about it. How horrible would it be to live your entire life out-of-alignment with your purpose and your highest good and never even know that your life could be so much more? I can think of nothing more heartbreakingly sad.

So, the invitation becomes this.

The next time you're visited by the nagging feeling of anxiety, or the overwhelming heaviness of sorrow, or even the white-hot heat of anger, welcome it in.

Sit with it.

And ask it: in what way should I adjust course to come back into alignment with my life's purpose and my highest good?

And once you make that adjustment, just watch, as that divine messenger, with its mission now complete, gets up, and on its own, simply goes away.

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