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An Invitation To Rest

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

What if… In this moment, there was nothing that needed to be done? What if… In this moment, you could rest? Really. Rest.

I mean, just imagine… Stopping. Right now, stopping. Closing your eyes. Drinking in the nourishment of your breath. Breathing in deeply. Breathing out fully. And smiling—and feeling the true joy of being. How would that feel in your body? How would that touch your heart? How would that nourish your soul? Now, stop imagining and right now give yourself the gift of nourishment and renewal. By joining me... In stopping. In closing your eyes. In breathing in deeply. In breathing out fully. And smiling and feeling the true joy of being. Don’t let this be yet another moment of your life that slips by in distraction and disconnection from the love that you are. Do it now. For just 30 seconds. Let's take a moment to invest in this short act of radical self-love and connect with who we really are. Together. I’ll see you there. With so many blessings!

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