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"Cliff Notes"

Don't have time to attend the entire workshop?


Enjoy these short videos featuring the most important lessons from the event.

HURRY! The videos come down at midnight THIS Wednesday!

From Lesson One

There is so much more to yoga than the bending and breathing that goes on down at your local studio. Find out in this video.

What does yoga have to do with peaceful parenting?

Learn about the missing piece to peaceful (and skillful) parenting. Includes an eye-opening exercise.

How we (inadvertently) make parenting harder


Discover the surprising truth about creating calm for your kids, and why it's easier than you may think.

Where a calm state of

being really comes from


Use this insightful exercise to identify the obstacles that are robbing your kids of the best of you. Click here for the worksheet.

Find out what's obstructing your peaceful parenting

Learn about how other parents were able to create calm and patience right in the middle of our crazy world...and how you can too!

Hear some amazing stories of success!

Watch now

From Lesson TWO

Learn about one of yoga's most powerful teachings that can totally transform you as a parent. Spoiler alert: it's probably not the "karma" you're thinking of.

The Scientific Law of Karma

Learn where troubling thoughts and feelings come from. The insights in this single lesson can transform your entire life.

Where overwhelm and

doubt really come from


Learn about the power of the Karmic Cycle of Becoming and how you can use it to change your state of being in any situation.

How to create calm and patience anywhere


Discover the Three Mental Poisons and explore how they are unnecessarily interfering with your parenting.

How your brain is actually working against you!

Use this exercise to see how your thoughts and emotions can unfairly influence your children's development and happiness. Click here for your worksheet.

Karma and your children


From Lesson THREE

Learn about the nature of the brain from the perspective of the ancient masters and modern neuroscience.

Your Brain: the key to effortless calm


Completely transform how you think, feel, and react to your kids when you make simple changes to the hidden patterning that lives in your brain and nervous system.

How to re-train your brain

Put negativity bias and the disturbing thoughts and feelings it creates behind you with a yoga-based brain-training regimen

Defeating the First Mental Poison

Learn how you can put Eric's yoga-based neurological repatterning system to work in your life right away. Click here for your handout.

A one-of-a-kind Yoga System


Learn about my revolutionary five-week program that will help you make lasting changes in how you think, how you feel, and how you react so you can be the parent your kids need. Best of all, when you join us, you get to be a member of our amazing community of parents! Watch now to learn more!

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