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Yoga's Secrets to Awakening the Power
of the Law of Attraction in Your Life
Six-weeks of discovery and transformation
with Yogacharya Eric Walrabenstein
starts Saturday, April 7th.
We live in an abundant universe. Look and you'll see, there are people who prosper and thrive everywhere. They have more than enough money, more than enough love, more than enough opportunity and  success—in every area of their lives.
Why then, are others perpetually stuck, blocked, or worse?
It's certainly not for the lack of trying...
  • Hard work and struggle only seem to push their dreams of prosperity and success further away.
  • Exhaustion and frustration seem to be the only rewards for their dedication and effort.
  • Stuck and disheartened, they wonder if their dreams of love or fulfillment or financial freedom is even in the cards for them.

Create the highest, grandest vision for your life, because

you become what you believe.

- Oprah Winfrey
If you feel blocked from the rewards you know you deserve, despite your hard-work and dedication to making things happen, join me for a very special event.
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Let's face it. You weren't born onto this planet merely to struggle. You were put here to envision, to desire, and to create the incredible life of your dreams. We all were.
So why then are millions of dedicated and hardworking people blocked from achieving the rich and fulfilled lives they want, as if they were saddled by some kind of Invisible Force?
Well, it's because they are.

my work with Eric has been one of the most profound and valuable experiences of my life.

- Cynthia S.
This "Invisible Force" is present in the lives of us all, working on us day in and day out.
It can be a crippling force that stands squarely between us and the lives of freedom and abundance we desire. But just as easily, it can also be an powerful ally propelling us toward lives where prosperity and opportunity await around every corner.
It just depends on how we use it.
Without a doubt, this Invisible Force is the single greatest power steering your life—towards or away from the abundance and prosperity you deserve. And that's why it's critical to understand and harness its energy. Imagine...
  • Moving through every day with confidence and optimism knowing that your success in every corner of your life is assured.
  • Enjoying a journey where creation of your ideal life is a fun and exciting game, instead of a stressful and difficult chore.
  • Sifting and sorting through new and exciting opportunities that come to you from
    surprising and inspiring sources.
When you are able to tame this all-powerful Invisible Force, allowing it to work for you, instead of against you, you will be amazed at the changes the come your way.





This all-powerful Invisible Force is called MindSet.
But make no mistake: MindSet is much, much more than merely having a positive attitude or self belief, and it's much more important.
The truth is your MindSet is widely misunderstood force that that steers your entire life. Literally.
It's composed of a rich and varied collection of thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives through which you perceive, filter, and interpret everything in your world.
The truth is your MindSet is the #1 factor in determining your prosperity and abundance. Period.
That's because your thoughts are the very blueprint upon which your entire life is built. They affect:
- Your Feelings - They can either lift your moods and energy,
  or weigh you down with dread.
- Your Focus - They determine what you focus on and the 
  opportunities you are able to pick out from the world around you.
- Your Decisions - They drive the way you seize the opportunities
  life presents you or how you stay stuck in old patterns of lack.
- Your Actions - They even control the actions you take, or don't
  take, to build the life of joy and fulfillment you deserve.
All of which directly and powerfully affect how the universe responds to your desires.
But sadly, for most of us, our all-important MindSet is something that is largely left to chance.

But it's not our fault.
It's because very few of us have been taught how to actively manage the collection of thoughts and beliefs that are invisibly steering our lives.



Scientists at the famed Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences have found that our unconscious minds play a much greater role in our decision-making process than we may believe.
In one experiment, subjects were asked to make a decision between two options by pressing a button. Using brain scans, researchers could tell which "decision" subjects had made a full seven seconds before the subjects had believed they had made any decision at all.
This remarkable finding points to how our unconscious thoughts embedded in our MindSet deeply affect, and in some cases even control, every single decision we make.
This revolutionary finding, makes a stronger case than ever before: If we truly want to create lives of prosperity and freedom, taking charge of the thoughts and beliefs that make up our MindSet is an absolute must.


Source: John-Dylan Haynes, Chun Siong Soon, Marcel Brass, & Hans-Jochen Heinze. Unconscious determinants of free decisions in the human brain. Nature Neuroscience


Even worse, according to scientists, we aren't even aware of over 90% of the thoughts that make up our MindSet. They live in your unconscious mind and work invisibly in the background of your brain.


That's why ignoring your MindSet can come at a terrible cost, turning you into a victim of a wide range of pre-installed mental patterns that actually work against your dreams of a life fulfilled.
Fortunately, it's a problem that can be solved.
Find out how to make your MindSet work for you by joining me at


find out if your mindset is working against you

Eric Walrabenstein
Best-selling Author &
Creator of Unlock Your Prosperity
Hello, my name is Eric Walrabenstein, I'm a best-selling author, teacher, inspirational speaker, and success coach, and for over two decades, I've been helping people unlock the abundant lives they desire—including helping over 5,000 veterans reclaim their lives from the horrors of war.
Since 1992, I've devoted my life to studying, practicing, and teaching the powerful mind-body technologies first discovered by the ancient yoga and meditation masters and now verified by modern science.
Through many years of trial and error, I've cracked the code on how to use these proven techniques to develop a Mindset that has unlocked abundance and prosperity in my own life and have created a scientific process that you can put to work in yours.
I call it the Abundance MindSet System and if you're committed to your own life of abundance and freedom, I'd like to share it with you.


About E
What clients are saying about working with Eric...

Unequivocally, this work has helped me to get more listings and close more deals. I only wish I had done it sooner!
Eric's abuncance mindset framework is pure genius. I'm clearer and more optimistic than I've ever been. Thank you!
I came here for myself, but I'm walking away with a range of tools I can implement with my entire team!
Janice G.
Oscar S.
Sales Consultant
Courtney M.


As we've now seen, taking charge of your Mindset is the master key to unlocking abundance in every corner of your life. And it's possible because of something scientists call neuroplasticity.
Neuroplasticity refers to the malleable, or plastic, nature of our brains and suggests that with the right kind of training, our minds (and our Mindset) can be reshaped to work for, instead of against, usand that includes for our prosperity and freedom.
The Abundance Mindset System combines the latest findings in brain research with proven techniques from positive psychology and the secrets of mind mastery uncovered by the ancient meditation masters.
This one-of-a-kind process will help you to uncover, prioritize, and rewrite the unhelpful thoughts programmed into your unconscious mind and break free from limitations that are holding you back.

Eric Wal's


My scientific three-stage process will help you uncover and replace the sabotaging thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives that are blocking you from the life you deserve.


         HOW IT WORKS
Because 90% of our limiting thoughts and beliefs operate outside our awareness, our first step is to uncover the harmful thought-patterns that are keeping us stuck in lack and frustration.
To do this, you'll begin by using my proprietary Thought-mining Process to identify and prioritize these sabotaging mental actors in the nine key areas of your life.


             HOW IT WORKS
In many ways, our minds are not that unlike computers. If you wish to change their behaviors, we simply need to install new code. This is the purpose of the Rewrite phase.
Here, you'll draw on my templatized Rewrite-to-Rewire Method to strategically reshape your abundance-blocking patterns and create more positivity and possibility in your life.


             HOW IT WORKS
We call it Mindset for a reason. It's because our minds are literally "set" to run a particular collection of thoughts. Breaking free from these mental habits takes consistency and effort.
To ensure your new Abundance Mindset takes root, you'll employ a proven suite of mind-body mastery techniques as part of my Abundance Reinforcement Method.



with Yogacharya Eric Walrabenstein


Join me for Unlock Your Abundance and you'll learn to identify and neutralize the hidden MindSet blocks that stand between you and the life of fullness, joy, and freedom you deserve.


ONE FULL-DAY INTENSIVE with me personally where you'll learn my complete, scientific three-stage process for manifesting the life of your dreams.
FIVE WEEKLY LIVE SEMINARS to learn about and activate each of the five Pillars of the Abundance Mindset to unlock the stores of prosperity that's waiting to flow into your life.
DAILY HOME-BASED BRAIN TRAINING EXERCISES to rewrite and rewire the out-dated and sabotaging thought patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck and playing small.
And much more...
Anyone desiring more abundance and joy in life.
Yoga Pura, Phoenix  (click for map)
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six-week program
JUST $499
Introductory Rate $249
Yoga Pura Members take an additional $50 OFF
Register Today. Space is extremely limited.
Questions? Call Yoga Pura at (602) 843-7872
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