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with Eric Wal
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The Life You Came Here to Live...

Jivana means "life-giving" which is what real meditation is intended to do: gift us the life of connection and love and purpose we came here to live.

Buried beneath the commotion and distraction and struggle of our busy, modern lives lies a magnificent gem. Our True Selves.
- Naturally peaceful and sure, and perpetually free of anxiety and doubt.
- Innately powerful and wise, and ever-guided by Divine intelligence.
- Effortlessly kind, compassionate, and forever aligned with purpose.

All living at your Source.

Join me for Jivana Meditation and come home to the True You.

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I was convinced a real connection to Spirit was out of reach for me. Eric's Jivana System proved me wrong.

-David M.

  E.R. Physician

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Your spiritual connection shouldn't be merely an idea that lives in your mind...It should be a tangible, daily experience that is lived in every corner of your life.

-Eric Walrabenstein

  Creator, Jivana Meditation

Go Beyond Meditation to Real Connection...

The Jivana Meditation System is built on the Three Pillars of Connection. These three principles are the backbone of your journey to connect to the peace, wisdom, and power that lives at your Source.
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Practicing meditation is not enough to deliver us the fullness of our spiritual connection. That's because to be effective, meditation needs to be paired with something even more important. Understanding.

Beyond how to practice a particular meditation technique, to reconnect spiritually, you have to be clear about the nature of the problems meditation seeks to solve, things like...

- What is the cause of our spiritual disconnection?
- What perpetuates this experience of disconnection?

- How does meditation work to heal the divide?
- What type of meditation should be used, and when?

And so much more.

This why the Jivana System begins with a deep exploration of the mechanics of Spiritual Awakening and connection to empower you to avoid the struggle and mistakes made by so many.






Within the first week, my daughter commented on how much more centered I seemed. Now, she's meditating with me!

-Susan R.

  High School Principal

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There's a reason that every spiritual path and religion has a tradition of mentorship. In some cultures, those mentors are called guru, in others pastor or lama or even teacher.

And it's all because the path back home to ourselves can be fraught with obstacles and dead-ends
: the wily ego, hidden patterns of belief, and self-sabotaging thoughts all conspire to lead us astray. This is why an experienced guide, one who has traveled the territory before, is so important.

As you travel the Jivana path, we have you covered. With our live group coaching sessions online, you'll get personalized guidance and mentorship personally with me, Jivana Creator Eric Walrabenstein. Over the past 28 years of practice and teaching, I've helped tens of thousands of my students around the world to create lives of deep joy, ease, and meaning--with meditation. I know I can help you too.
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Many years ago, I asked one of my teachers from India the best way to stick with my meditation practice and he reminded me: "Company is more powerful than willpower." And, in fact, nothing could be more true.

Keeping a regular meditation practice is difficult, especially if you live a busy life like so many of us. But when we practice together, with others, it becomes many times easier. There's a reason that community is such a critical part of all great religions and spiritual traditions.

The support of like-minded people is like rocket fuel for our meditation and our evolution. That’s why we've built community into the Jivana process. With Jivana Meditation, you’ll become part of a dynamic group of meditators all of whom are cheering one another on, sharing successes, helping each another to stay on track, and celebrating the amazing transformations that show up in their lives.

what others are saying...

Two words:

Anxiety gone!

I feel brand new.

-Kiara J.

  Graphic Artist

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For the first time in seven years, I'm sleeping the whole night through!

-Noah C.

  Commercial Real Estate

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In just my second week of practice, my therapist noticed a difference in me.

-Debra A.

  Stay-at-home Mom

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Your Meditative Journey Home...

When you join me for Jivana Meditation, you'll be stepping onto an authentic path of transformation built on thousands of years of wisdom together with my nearly 30 years of practice, study, and teaching thousands of students all around the globe.
Your 40-day journey will include the complete Jivana Meditation System that will lead you step-by-step back to the fullness and power of your spiritual self and will set you on a course for success and connection for life. Your transformation includes:

Six Weekly Learning Modules 

with video lessons from ordained Meditation Master Eric Walrabenstein.

Instruction and Practice of Six Types of Meditation
with special focus on how to use each to defeat the sabotaging
mental poisons that keep us separate from Source

Membership in the Jivana Online Community
with 12-month access to your own Jivana Membership Site

- PLUS -

these amazing bonuses to deepen your practice

Guided Meditation Recording Library

to lead you step-by-step through the six core meditation techniques
($120 value)

Personalized Meditation Posture Consultation

to help you sit comfortably and have deep and transformative meditation sessions.
($99 value)

Brightlife Sleep System

to help you rejuvenate your body and mind with the best sleep in your life.

($199 value)

Live weekly Group Coaching Sessions with Eric
to connect you with me personally and to

provide you with personalized guidance and support.

($399 value)

Jivana Meditation will lead you beyond the mere belief in your higher self and into the direct experience of your Divine Majesty.

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Your Weekly Modules

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week one

Your journey begins with a deep dive into the actual process of Reconnecting to Spirit where you'll learn how to use the tools of meditation, scientifically and reliably, to reveal the power, wisdom and peace within. The exact same process used by yogis and meditation masters for thousands of years.



week two

In this module, we'll be learning a meditation technique specifically designed to help recalibrate how we see the world so that the hidden gifts, opportunities, and blessings in our lives are able to reveal themselves leaving us filled full of wonder and appreciation.

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week three


Our focus in this module will be to reshape the tendencies of mind that inject unnecessary suffering into our lives. We'll be learning a specific meditation technique proven to create more inner peace and harmony that will uplift every area of your life.

week four

In our fourth module, we will be exploring a heart-opening meditation technique designed to infuse our beingness with ever more love and compassion for all beings. You'll emerge feeling more connected and nourished by all of those in the world around you.

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week five


Great wisdom and guidance lives within all of us, but for too many its voice is drown out by the constant noise of internal chatter. In this module, we'll be learning an ancient meditation that creates deep inner stillness allowing us to awaken the intuition and divine intelligence that lives within.

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week six


In this, our final module, we'll be learning a proven meditation that will armor us against the stresses and overwhelm of daily life so that we are able to live connected to the fullness of being and all those around us.

Your Journey Includes...
Six Weekly Modules with Video Lessons
Daily Meditation Practices
Membership in the Jivana Online Community 
- plus over $850 in bonuses -
with Eric Wal
ONLY $497
 NOW JUST $297
Guided Meditation Recording Library
($122 value)

BrightLife Sleep System 
($199 value)

Meditation Posture Consultation 
($97 value)

Daily Insight Meditation Journal
($47 value)
Live Group Coaching with Eric 
($399 value)
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Hands down, the most valuable spiritual work I've ever done! I use it with my clients every day.

-Jennifer L.

 Marriage & Family Therapist

It has made the biggest difference with my kids. I have more patience and energy without even trying.

-Elizabeth H.

Stay-at-home Mom

Eric's ability to make the esoteric truths practical has opened new world to me and my students!

-Sonia M.

Yoga Teacher

I've connected more deeply with Spirit through what Eric has taught me than I ever did in Seminary.

-Matthew P.


My best friend asked me what I've been doing. She says I am a completely different person!

-Brianna M.

 Occupational Therapist

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If you're not completely amazed by your personal transformation, just let me know in the first 14 days after purchase and I'll gladly give you a full refund!

If ever you thought there is more to life, start here. It changed everything for me.

-Mark P.


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Your Teacher

Jivana Meditation is taught by best-selling author and Meditation Master Eric Walrabenstein who has been teaching people how to reconnect with the power, wisdom, and majesty of Source for nearly 30 years.


An ordained Yogacharya (master of yoga and meditation sciences), Eric has dedicated his life to the evolution of consciousness and sees his chief role as helping his students to create a vision for themselves that is greater than they have ever been able to hold for themselves before.

His mission is to help all beings to reconnect with their Divine Majesty in this very now-moment.


In addition to his work with Jivana Meditation, Eric is the founder of Yoga Pura, one of Arizona's largest yoga and wellness schools, and is the creator of the BOOTSTRAP yoga stress-management program developed for the U.S. military.

His work has been widely featured in the media including on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Success magazine, Yoga Journal, and beyond.

As featured on

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Frequently Asked Questions

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