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before they can control you

3 simple daily practices proven to increase self control up to 72% 

Here's what you get...

Hypnotic guided meditation recording to soothe your body and break the cycle of impulsive eating.

The Food Trigger Navigator Workbook to help you artfully manage situations that cancause you to lose control. 

A 1-minute Yogic Breathing Exercise to help you to rob impulses & urges of their power to control you.

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Let me help you end your struggle with food!

My name is Eric Walrabenstein and for over 30 years, I've been empowering people to use the lesser-known practices from yoga, meditation, and mind-body wisdom to heal from trauma, addiction, and disordered eating of all kinds.


As a best-selling author, ordained Yogacharya (Master Teacher of yogic sciences), and nationally-renowned educator in the fields of meditation and mind-body wellness I know what it takes to XXX.

But here's what's really important...

I've helped thousands break free from their struggle with food, both online and at Yoga Pura, my yoga wellness center in Phoenix, Arizona. and I'm excited to help you too!

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