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Connect with your Sacred Self and divinely-inspired purpose using the lost wisdom of yoga.
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Yoga's Spiritual Problem...SOLVED

Here’s the issue:


If you’re searching for a progressive path of study and practice of yoga’s most sacred teachings beyond mere postures and meditation…


If you want to understand the wisdom of the scriptures, not just philosophically, but to learn how to apply them practically to your spiritual journey—and daily life…


If you want to practice under a mature guide who can help you ignite the spiritual essence of your yoga practice and explore the depths of your Soul…


In today’s world, your options are limited.

You could struggle along trying to cobble together a collection of barely-related yoga books, and workshops, and YouTube videos from questionable sources.




You can drop thousands of dollars on a Yoga Teacher Training program, and then, spend all your time learning about anatomy and postures and teaching techniques.


And sadly, it's because of this that millions of people are left to merely skim along the surface of one of the most profound Spiritual Sciences the world has ever seen—missing its life-altering gifts.

THIS is why I started the BrightLife Yoga Collective.

When you join us, you won't be getting a library of online yoga classes, learning new hip-opening poses, or figuring out how to stand on your head.

You'll be nourishing your Soul.

Think of the BrightLife Yoga Collective as a curated path of self-discovery and whole-life transformation using the true power of yoga—the power that lies in the forgotten wisdom beyond the practice of postures and meditation. 
Step inside and become a part of a worldwide community using yoga's most sacred secrets to create the meaningful and connected life you are meant to live.

I hope to see you there!

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With so many blessings!
Eric Walrabenstein
Yogacharya & best-selling author

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See how the BrightLife Yoga Collective is changing lives...
Join us and let your story be next!

Meet Melissa

The BrightLife Yoga Collective, changed my life and probably saved my life!"

Meet Christine

After 4 decades of failed diets, this work has enabled me to lose 100 pounds and keep it off.

Meet Laura

After 33 surgeries and decades of chronic pain, I'm happier than I've ever been. If this can work for me, it can work for anyone.

What our Members are Saying...

I feel like I've been given an operator's manual to life. I never believed I could feel like this.

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-Kiara J.

  Graphic Artist

After working with Eric for just two weeks, I'm sleeping the whole night through for the first time in seven years!


-Noah C.

  Commercial Real Estate

My therapist wanted to know what I've been doing, she said I seem like a totally different person.

-Debra A.

  Stay-at-home Mom

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As a Member of the Collective...

You'll be exploring the lost teachings of yoga, the wisdom and practices you won't find in regular yoga classes, and be using these ancient truths to awaken the spiritually-connected life you deserve. In just minutes a day...

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Come together each week with me live, online.*


Together, we'll dive deeply into yoga's lesser-known wisdom teachings. No yoga mat required, it's not about postures, just real yoga wisdom for your real life.

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Amaze yourself as you rejuvenate and remake your life with yoga.


I'll show you how to put each week's wisdom teaching to work in every corner of your life. Remake your relationships, soothe your nerves, fill yourself full of calm confidence, in just minutes a day.

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Meet new friends as part of our members-only Facebook Community

Become part of a world-wide group of peace seekers, spiritual travelers, and change makers all working together to make their lives—and our world—better and better.

*Live Online Sessions are via Zoom held every Monday at 5:00pm Pacific (8:00pm Eastern). Sessions are recorded and posted to the membership site for any-time viewing


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