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CREATE the life you deserve

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using the sacred wisdom of yoga

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And, I stand for you. You living the joyous life you were put here to live. That means you healing from your past, you discovering your purpose, and you fearlessly living your truth.

And it's my mission to empower you to do this and more, using the power of yoga. Think of it as Real Yoga for your Real Life.

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with my free yoga tools for happier, healthier living...

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Relax into Calm

Get my guided yoga nidra meditation recording and a free journal to soothe your nerves and quiet your mind.

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Blissful Slumber

Drift off into some of the best sleep of your life with my yoga nidra-based Blissful Slumber recording.

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The True Power of Yoga
Beyond the postures

Yoga. It’s probably the most radically transformational technology for personal and spiritual development on the planet today. 

A bold claim. For we have to ask...

How is a bunch of bending and breathing supposed to radically transform anyone's life?

And the answer is bending and breathing won't. But yoga will.

What's not commonly recognized is that the true power of yoga lives in the wisdom and techniques that live beyond the postures and most of the other things you'll find in yoga classes today.


These are the sacred teachings that are proven to bring radical healing and harmony to virtually any area of life.

  • From healing past traumas so you can reclaim the hope and joy you thought you’d never see again.

  • To releasing limiting beliefs that are keeping you blocked from realizing your heart’s desire.

  • And turning down the volume on anxiety and overwhelm to awaken a lived connection to your Divine Source.

The key lies in tapping yoga's deeper wisdom and moving beyond merely “doing” yoga, to instead, use it, intentionally, like a surgeon’s scalpel to remove the cancers that are depleting our experience of life.

Do that, and, I promise, you’ll be amazed at what life will bring you.

And if you’re ready, I’d be honored to help. It’s why I’m here.

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