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Yoga Nidra Facilitator

Want to be able to give your kids exactly what they need to thrive in life?
Be naturally calm
Be effortlessly patient
Be whole-heartedly present

Using Yoga's Lost Science of Mind

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Coaches, Counselors, & Healing Professionals

If you are...






According to neuroscience, only 5% of your brain's activity happens at the level of conscious activity--and yet, that's where most coaches spend their time

Unlike holotropic breathwork, which is not safe for a wide range of people from pregnant

what our parents are saying...

Last week, I found out my daughter had been skipping science class. For the first time, I was able to react with calm and curiosity instead of anger.

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-Susan A.

Mother of Jessica, Age 15

This really works! The more present and less reactive I've become, the more my son's anxiety has gotten better all by itself. Even his teacher asked what he's been doing!

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-Beth N.

 Mother of Aiden, age 9

After three years estranged from my daughter, the yoga practices in Radiant have brought my daughter and I closer than ever!

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-Joan R.

Mother of Sandra, age 32

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The Secret to Client Breakthroughs

You're an amazing coach with incredible skill, and even so, some of your clients are not seeing the results they want—and deserve. Some are even staying stuck for years.

This is the reality for so many coaches, and most try to help by getting better at coaching, but here's what you need to know...

It doens't matter how good you are as a coach, if you're not addressing the root problem that is driving your client's problem, nothing is going to change.

And that root problem, more often than not, lives buried in the subconcious of your clients brain.

Here's what we need to remember: Anxiety and depression and self-doubt and procrastination are not problems they are symptoms of a deeper problem.

And fixing symptoms isn't going to set your client free anymore than Tylenol is going to cure a brain tumor.

But what if there was a way, in just a few sessions

Stress. Overwhelm. Anxiety. And more grief than we've seen in our lifetimes. This is the reality facing tens of millions of people all around the world thanks to the harrowing world events of the past two years

We are living on a planet in deep need of healing and rejuvenation. And you can help—with Yoga Nidra.

Best known as a type of meditation, Yoga Nidra might better be thought of as a modular healing modality; one that is scientifically-proven to bring powerful benefits to a wide range mental, emotional, and physical conditions.

This ancient practice derives its power from the wide array of somatic and cognitive techniques it employs in combinations that can be tailored to the unique needs of the individual. Best of all, it can be used effectively with people from all walks of life regardless of physical ability or religious or cultural background.

Yoga Pura's Yoga Nidra Instructor Certification is a professional-level program that will help you to put this powerful practice to work in your own life while making you a master teacher empowered to heal the world.

Our comprehensive curriculum will equip you to:
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Real-world results...

My daughter has started sharing things with me she would have never talked about before.

-Elizabeth H.

Mother of Olivia, Age 16

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The simple tools I learned in Radiant are having a much greater effect than anything I've learned in therapy.

-Melanie P.

Mother of Josh, Age 18 


Not the Yoga You're Probably Thinking Of...

Yoga postures are great. But to truly fill yourself of effortless calm, spontaneous patience, and to totally transform your parenting, you need more. That's why, in Radiant, you'll be diving deep into yoga's powerful Science of Mind to renew and rejuvenate every aspect of your being. When you join us, you'll get...

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Use our customized trauma-informed yoga posture sequences together with special meditations to rejuvenate yourself in body, mind, and spirit.

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Learn how to take yoga's most powerful wisdom and practices with you into your parenting and every corner of daily life. Better yet, you'll be able to show your kids how to do the same!

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Use our first-of-its-kind yoga-based system to repattern your brain and nervous system to armor you against stressors and feel calm and clear no matter what life throws your way.

Imagine what your story could be!

I'm actually teaching what I learned in Radiant for Parents to my clients in my family therapy practice!

-Jennifer L.

 Mother of Ruby, Age 4

Woman Reading

I knew it was working when my six-year-old spilled a glass of milk and I didn't get angry. That's HUGE for me!

-Joaquin S.

Father of Mitchell, Age 6

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Your Journey to Radiant Parenting

Over five amazing weeks, you'll be using some of yoga's most powerful wisdom to totally remake your experience of parenting so you can guide and nourish your children in the way they deserve.

WEEK 1 - Introduction to Yoga Nidra

You'll start your journey with a week of yoga practices proven to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. It's all about you becoming refreshed and energized so you can begin creating your new vision for yourself as a parent—and for your children's lives.


- Calm your mind, soothe your body, and reconnect with the peaceful beingness your kids need from you.

- Restore your energy and clarity by returning your nervous system to its natural, relaxed balance.

- Chart your course to a more peaceful and loving parenting experience and change your child's future.