Have you ever asked yourself why some people prosper and thrive while others seem to be perpetually stuck, blocked, or worse?
More importantly, have you ever felt there was something holding
you back, as if...
  • No matter how much you plan or how hard you work the kind of life you want for yourself remains just out of reach ?
  • All of your efforts to chase your dreams are paying off in little more than exhaustion and frustration?
  • The life you deserve could finally be yours if you could just understand what was standing in the way?
If so, I'd like to help.

Create the highest, grandest vision for your life, because

you become what you believe.

- Oprah Winfrey



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Wednesday, July 12th 7:00pm
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Eric Walrabenstein
Creator of Unlock Your Abundance
Hello, my name is Eric Walrabenstein, I'm a best-selling author, speaker and success coach, and for two decades, I've been helping people unlock the abundant lives they desire—including helping over 5,000 veterans reclaim their lives from the horrors of war.
But before all that, I felt blocked too.
For years in fact, I felt like a giant invisible hand was holding me back 
from achieving the kind of life I knew I deserved. One of abundance and
joy in love, money, health, and purpose.
No matter how hard I worked, I constantly felt like I was running  as
fast as I could—and getting nowhere. That is, until I discovered the 
inner secret of creating the life I wanted, the one that nobody was
talking about: Mindset.


Your Mindset is the single greatest force steering your life—towards the better or the worse.
Often over-simplified as being nothing more than having a positive attitude or self belief, thinking about Mindset this way is a mistake that comes with consequences.
Because your Mindset is much more, and much more important.
The truth is your Mindset is composed of a rich and varied collection of thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives through which you perceive, filter, and interpret literally everything in your world.


whether you think you can, or you think you can't...

you're right.

- Henry Ford
It controls what you choose to focus on.
It controls how you feel about what you see.
It even controls the actions you take, or don't take, to go after what you want.
And here's the problem.
For most of us, our Mindset is something that happens to us.
Because very few of us rigorously and regularly manage the collection of thoughts and beliefs that steer our lives, we end up victims of a wide range of pre-installed mental patterns that are actually working against what we want.
But not to worry, your Mindset can be changed. I know, because I'm living proof.


find out if your mindset is working against you


Over the last 25 years, I've devoted my life to studying, practicing, and teaching the powerful mind-body technologies first discovered by the ancient meditation masters. I've learned how to use these proven techniques to unlock abundance and joy in my own life through a scientific process that now you can use to get on the fast track to the life you deserve.

The three-stage Abundance Mindset Process



You'll start by using my proprietary Thought-mining Process to uncover the sabotaging mental patterns that are invisibly working against your abundance day in
and day out.


You'll then draw on my templatized Rewrite-to-Rewire Method to replace these abundance-blocking patterns and create more positivity and possibility in your life.


Lastly, you'll employ a proven suite of mind-body mastery techniques as part of my Abundance Reinforcement Method to ensure your new abundance Mindset takes root.
Why wait to start living your best and most abundant life?
Join us for this totally free two-hour event and find out how to unlock your abundant life.


Ruth M.
Retail Manager
Oscar S.
IT Consultant
Janice G.
I saw results in the first week. Not only did I feel more optimistic, but opportunities began to show up I never noticed before.
This work has made a huge impact on my life both at home and at work...and it's only getting better with time!
I've been struggling with thoughts of negativity and lack for years. Eric's structured process was the missing link I've been looking for.


When you join me for Unlock Your Abundance, we'll spend two life-changing hours together where I'll share with you the same step-by-step process that has helped thousands of others unlock previously unimagined abundance in their lives.

You'll learn how to use powerful and proven strategies to literally program your mind for creating success and abundance in every area of your life, including:

How your MindSet colors your perceptions, alters your conclusions, and can illuminateor obscurepossibility in every area of your life.
Where your Mindset comes from and how to insulate yourself from inheriting sabotaging thoughts and beliefs.
How to uncover the hidden patterns of thought and belief that are sabotaging your abundance Mindset.
How you can use your MindSet to remove unhealthy habits, destructive behaviors, limiting beliefs, and financial blocks.
How you can install a MindSet that actively helps you to attract and create success and abundance in money, love, health, and happiness.


Is your mindset blocking you

from achieving what you want in life?

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