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We live in an abundant universe. Everywhere you look there are people who prosper and thrive. They have more than enough money, more than enough opportunity, more than enough happiness—in every area of their lives!
Why then, are others perpetually stuck, blocked, or worse?
It's certainly not for the lack of trying...
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  • Hard work and struggle only seem to push their dreams
    further away.
  • Exhaustion and frustration seem to be the only rewards
    for their efforts.
  • Stuck and disheartened, they wonder if the financial freedom they dream of is even in the cards for them.
Maybe you can relate. If so, I'd like to help.


Let's face it. You weren't born onto this planet merely to struggle.
You weren't put here just to be stymied or stonewalled or beat
down by life. You were put here for something greater. We all were.
So why then, does struggle and strain seem to be the fate of so many of us?
Why do millions of dedicated and hardworking people feel blocked from achieving the financial freedom they want, as if they were saddled by some kind of invisible force?
It's because they are.

whether you think you can, or you think you can't...

you're right.

- Henry Ford
This "invisible force" is present in the lives of us all, working on us day in and day out.
The good news is that for some of us, it's a force that propels us to lives where prosperity and opportunity await around every corner; the bad news is that for others, it's a crippling force that stands powerfully between them and the lives of joy and abundance we desire.
But whether it's working for you or against you, this invisible force is the single greatest power steering your life—towards or away from the wealth you deserve.
And here's the very best news: you can make this invisible force serve you instead of holding you back.
This all-powerful force is called Mindset.
But don't mistake Mindset as merely having a positive attitude or self belief, that's a mistake that comes with some hefty consequences. Because your Mindset is much more, and, much more important.
The truth is your Mindset is the rudder that steers your life. Literally.
It's composed of a rich and varied collection of thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives through which you perceive, filter, and interpret everything in your world.
It controls what you choose to focus on.
It controls how you feel about what you see.
It controls the decisions you make.
It even controls the actions you take, or don't take, to go after what you want.
Your Mindset is what determines your prosperity and abundance. Period.
Which is why mastering it is absolutely critical if you wish to create the life you want.


find out if your mindset is working against you


While your Mindset is the single greatest factor in your success and abundance, for most of us, it is something that is largely—and surprisingly—left to chance.
That's because very few of us actively manage the collection of thoughts and beliefs that steer our lives in any kind of regular or intentional way. This leaves us as victims of a wide range of pre-installed mental patterns that are actually working against what we want.
But, to be clear, it's not our fault (for two reasons):
First, according to scientists, upwards of 90% of the thoughts that go into any given decision actually live outside of our consciousness.
That's right, the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping us stuck and small are working on us invisibly, in the background of our minds. With our sabotaging
thoughts operating outside of our awareness, how are
we to even know what the problem is?
Second, cultivating an Abundance Mindset is something that is simply not taught in schools.
Our education system is focused almost exclusively on packing our brains full of information with very little time being given to the deliberate cultivation of the kinds of thoughts and perspectives that can unlock real prosperity and joy in our lives.
This is not to say that traditional education is bad, far from it. It's simply to point out that alone, it's an incomplete solution when it comes to developing the kind of Mindset that will help us to break free from limitations and create the lives we want.
So, if the thoughts that compose our Mindset are operating beyond our conscious awareness, and if we haven't been taught the importance of Mindset, how could we possibly be be expected to disentangle ourselves from the clutches of this disempowering force?
She short answer is: we can't.
At least, not without the proper understanding and tools. Thankfully, both are at hand.
Eric Walrabenstein
Creator of Unlock Your Abundance
Hello, my name is Eric Walrabenstein, I'm a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and success coach, and for over two decades, I've been helping people unlock the abundant lives they desire—including helping over 5,000 veterans reclaim their lives from the horrors of war.
Since 1992, I've devoted my life to studying, practicing, and teaching the powerful mind-body technologies first discovered by the ancient meditation masters and now verified by modern science.
Through many years of trial and error, I've cracked the code on how to use these proven techniques to unlock abundance and prosperity in my own life and have created a scientific process that you can put to work in yours.
I call it the Abundance Mindset Training Process and if you're committed to your own life of joy and abundance, I'd like to share it with you.
Click here to see the three-stage process.




As we've now seen, taking charge of your Mindset is the master key to unlocking your abundance. And it's possible because of something scientists call neuroplasticity.
Neuroplasticity refers to the malleable, or plastic, nature of our brains and suggests that with the right kind of repetitive training, our minds (and our Mindset) can be reshaped to work for, instead of against, our joy and abundance.
Modern scientists have proven this in the last few decades, and the step-by-step process that Unlock Your Abundance will engage you in has been specifically designed to leverage this fact.
You'll uncover, prioritize, and rewrite the unhelpful thoughts programmed into your Mindset and experience renewed clarity, optimism, and possibility in every corner of your life.


When you join me for Unlock Your Abundance, we'll spend two life-changing days together where you'll go through the same step-by-step process that has helped thousands of others unlock previously unimagined abundance in their lives.

You'll learn how to use powerful and proven strategies to literally program your mind for creating success and abundance in every area of your life, including:

How your Mindset colors your perceptions, alters your conclusions, and can illuminate—or obscure—possibility in every area of your life.
Where your Mindset comes from and how to insulate yourself from inheriting thoughts and beliefs that block your abundance.
How to uncover the hidden patterns of thought and belief that are right now at work sabotaging your best life.
 How you can use your Mindset to remove unhealthy habits, destructive behaviors, limiting beliefs, and financial blocks. 
How you can install a Mindset that actively helps you to attract and create success and abundance in money, love, health, and happiness.
What clients are saying about working with Eric...

Ruth M.
Retail Manager
Oscar S.
IT Consultant
Janice G.
I never would have imagined it, but in just a couple of days, I feel like everything has changed. Simply amazing!
Eric's level of clarity combined with the power of the tools he has created makes for an astoundingly transformational weekend!
I've been struggling with thoughts of negativity and lack for years. Eric's structured process was the missing link I've been looking for.


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