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Let me teach you a one-of-a-kind yoga system to taking back your power in the privacy of your own home

Learn Yoga's Secret to breaking free from habits, cravings, & addiction



with ordained Yoga Master Eric Walrabenstein

Tuesday, January 10th, 5:00pm Pacific*

Wednesday, January 11th, 5:00pm Pacific*
Thursday, January 12th, 5:00pm Pacific*

*6:00pm Arizona, 7:00pm Central, 8:00pm Eastern

- Stop cravings and urges in their tracks

- Free yourself from the power of habits & triggers

- Fill yourself full of calm, confidence, & control

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Proven effective for...


*If you are experiencing a significant, active life-threatening addiction, please seek professional treatment prior to joining us for Take Control

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Image by Jacinto Diego

Why in the heck aren't the teaching this in treatment. Pure genius and it absolutely works!!!

Manny S.
Seattle, WA

For 40 years, I stuffed down food to avoid feeling my emotions. Eric's program was the"secret sauce" to me losing over 100 pounds and taking back control.

Christine R.
Denver, CO

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I was absolutely sick of letting myself and my family down. With Eric's help, I stopped drinking without it feeling like a battle!

Denis H.
Phoenix, AZ


Eric Walrabenstein is a best-selling author, ordained Yogacharya (Master Teacher of yogic sciences), and nationally-renowned educator in the fields of meditation and mind-body wellness.

For 30 years, Eric has been dedicated to empowering people to practically apply the lesser-known aspects of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to healing urgent life challenges including trauma and addiction.


He is the founder of Yoga Pura, one of Arizona’s largest yoga wellness centers, the creator of the BOOTSTRAP Yoga Stress-management System developed for the U.S. military, and the creator of the Radiance Method, a first-of-its-kind mind-body approach to treating addiction disorders.

Eric's work has been widely featured in the media including on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Success magazine, Yoga Journal, and beyond. His podcast, This Perfect Moment, is available on Apple and Google Podcast networks.

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