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Our stories are made up of our everyday thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. They're the stuff that fuels the near- constant self-talk that guides how we think, what we see, and the way we feel. Our stories are the single greatest force steering our lives for the better—or the worse.
But the good news is you get to choose them.
So, if you've ever felt like there seemed to be some invisible force holding you back in one or more areas of your life, Change Your Story just might be what you've been waiting for.
Stories. We all have them. And whether we realize it or not, each and every one is helping to shape the life we live. And this isn't just some hocus-pocus, new age fluff. It's neurobiology.


The problem is that some of these stories are actually helping to create the lives that we don't want.


Stories we tell about ourselves. Stories we tell about our families. Stories we tell about our potential. And even stories we tell about the world around us can neatly block us from living the lives of success and abundance we deserve. Stories like...

"I just can't get ahead."

"I'll never find the love of my life."

"Nobody recognizes my talent."

"Success is not in the cards for me."

"I'm a fake and everyone knows it."


i would
have never imagined
that altering a single habit of thinking  could make such a life-changing difference.

Aidan T.



Our stories create our experience of life. Operating in the background of our minds like the tinted lenses of a pair of glasses that we don't even know we are wearing, they have a scientifically-proven effect on...
- How we feel about who we are and what we can accomplish.
- How we see and understand the people and world around us.
- What we do—or neglect to do—in order to build the lives we want.
And much, much more...
Yes, the stories we tell ourselves about our worth, our intelligence, our potential, and even our health, play a constant and central role in how our lives unfold. Picture...
The stay-at-home mom who tells the story that doing things to nourish herself is selfish—and denies herself what she needs to be at her best for herself and her family.
The entrepreneur who replays the story that success is not in the cards for him—which leaves him without the enthusiasm for the action needed to realize his vision.
The police officer whose story leads him to assume the very worst in everyone he meets—which leads him to sour the supportive relationships he needs to be happy.
The college grad who believes the story that she's merely average—which prevents her from pursuing her true dream.
These are just a few examples of the many ways the stories we tell ourselves can shape our lives—sometimes for better, sometimes for the worse.


Create the highest, grandest vision for your life, because

you become what you believe.

- Oprah Winfrey
Ruth M.
Retail Manager
Oscar S.
IT Consultant
Janice G.
I've never felt more clear, optimistic, and hopeful about my future. I now feel like I have a lighted a path to what I want!
Being able to identify the habits of thinking that have been holding me back has been literally life changing!
I feel like I can finally put my past in the rear-view mirror and move on with my life in a positive and healthy way.


Our stories are just habits of mind, collections of thoughts made up of thousands of tiny neural connections, connections that have been learned over the course of our lives.

Understanding this is important because what can be learned, can also be unlearned—and this is the opportunity that can change an entire life.
When we change our stories, we're changing the very blueprint
that our lives are built upon. It's what makes this work so powerful allowing you to deliberately:
- Expand your vision for your life beyond what you ever
  thought possible.
- Transform your emotions and attitudes and consistently feel
  more positive,
joyous, and uplifted.
- Attract opportunities and relationships that acknowledge your 
  new, empowered state of mind.
- Enjoy how the people around you both see and respond to you
  in new and exciting ways.

whether you think you can,

or you think you can't...

You're right.

- Henry Ford
Yes, we are all capable of dramatically changing the course of our
lives—and this is what CHANGE YOUR STORY is all about.




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