BRIGHTLIFE is the missing piece to taking back control from cravings, urges, and addictions of any kind. By arming you with the tools needed to control cravings and urges and negative emotions, you'll enjoy greater ease, happiness, and control in every area of your life. 

Use our Recovery Rescue Recording to invite calm, ease, and control into your life almost effortlessly.


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  1. Find a quiet location where you will be undisturbed for 30 minutes.

  2. Lie down on your back making sure that every part of your body is supremely comfortable.

  3. Click the play button to the left and follow the instructions completely.

Pro tip: Stay deeply relaxed with eyes closed while calmly and effortlessly following the instructions on the audio. For best results, listen to the recording with headphones or earbuds. The more often you perform the practice, the more powerfully it will work. Enjoy.

Put Addiction Behind You for Good


what our clients are saying...

BRIGHTLIFE literally saved my life. I'm happy, free, and in control. They should be teaching this in treatment!
Art M.
I've lost track of how many programs and therapists and systems, I've used over the years. Finally, I feel like I'm in control again.
For the first time in years, I feel like I'm myself again and I'm excited for what comes next! I'm so grateful.
Brianna J
Janice R.