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Rethinking Yoga

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Yoga can help you live dramatically lighter, happier, and more connected to every corner of your life. The fact is that yoga is one of the most powerful systems for personal and spiritual development ever devised and is proven to do things like…

  • Help you to stop losing your cool in front of the kids, or...

  • To get rid of that feeling that an 8,000 pound elephant is sitting on your chest, or...

  • Even to get crystal clear on your Divinely-inspired life's purpose.

BUT… If you want yoga to help you in every corner of your life, you have to bring your yoga into every corner of our life.

Sounds obvious, but so many of us are at a complete loss about how to do that.

Well, here's your first step:

Stop equating yoga with yoga postures...

And start thinking of yoga as your moment-to-moment commitment to calm.

[Repeat after me: Yoga is my moment-to-moment commitment to calm]

And this is something we can all do. Anywhere.

  • When you step into the kitchen to find your son left the sink full of dirty dishes again… Commit to calm using yoga’s practice of Pranayama: Pause, take a few deep breaths, and relax.

  • When you’re feeling anxious about the news coming out of Washington… Commit to calm using yoga’s practice of Dharana: Turn off the TV, look out the window, and feel gratitude for your home and family.

  • When you find yourself frustrated by your co-worker’s attitude... Commit to calm using yoga’s practice of Ishvara Pranidhana: Relax and surrender to the expression of Divinity that shines through each of us (including your co-worker).

Slowly but surely, when you make an effort to commit to calm, your very effort will begin to calcify into habit...

And as it does, you will find yourself living in more ease and more harmony more and more of the time—as if on autopilot.

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