Rediscover the joy
of parenting

If you're tired of...

Feeling so exhausted you don't have the energy to play with your kids?

Feeling guilty and ashamed for parking your kids on a screen.

Wondering if your doubt and anxiety are affecting your children's development.

Not being fully present to your children when they need you the most.

Modeling frustration and anger instead of patience and understanding.

Letting stress and overwhelm prevent you from being the best parent you can be.

You're in the right place.

When my son's teacher asked me what I had been doing differently. I knew I was on to something!

- Melissa P.
  Mother of twins


I'll show you how to overcome distractions and overwhelm to create an absolute heart-connection with your child when they need you most.


I'll teach you proven, ancient mind-body energizing techniques to fill your energy tanks so you can give your child what they need.


I'll teach you how to effortlessly remain calm, focused, and clear so you can respond with patience, skill and love even in the most difficult situations.


Be Your Best for What Matters Most...

You've read the right books. You have the right skills. And you're completely dedicated to nourishing your child with what they need to lead the happy, confident, and successful life they deserve.


But you're exhausted and overwhelmed—and that's getting in the way. Big time.

But it's not your fault...

The truth is the pressures and distractions in our modern lives are more intense and overwhelming than ever before in history. And as today's world frazzles our nerves, exhausts our energy, and relentlessly pulls us in every direction, our children are being robbed of the ONE THING they need more than anything else. Our patient, focused, and loving presence.

But we can fix that.

BrightLife is a yoga and mindfulness-based coaching process that will help you rekindle the joy of parenting.


In just four weeks, I'll show you how you can permanently change your brain and nervous system to elevate your energy, soothe your nerves, and calm your mind so you can breathe easy knowing your your child is getting the very best of you.


Last week at dinner, my daughter told me she feels like she got a brand new mom!

- Emily A.
  Mother of Amelia & Noah


Because your child deserves the very best you



Join me for SuperParent and in just four weeks, get back to your energetic, happy, and loving self—for you, for your children

ONLINE in the privacy of your own home.
Full Four-week Program
Introductory Rate $399
Seats fill fast, so join the waitlist to be the first to be notified when enrollment opens!

It's embarrassing to admit, but there were times I used to feel trapped as a parent. Now the time I get to spend with Braden each evening is the highpoint of my day!

- Dennis R.
  Father of Braden
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Hi, I'm Eric

For nearly 30 years, I've been helping people use the secrets of the ancient yoga and meditation masters to unlock the abundant, joyful, and connected lives they deserve.
I've been blessed to study and practice under the guidance of some of the most powerful teachers on the planet, and while the power of the ancient wisdom is undeniable, too often it is clouded by cultural biases and imprecise applications. My mission is to make these life-changing mind-body technologies practical and relevant for our modern lives.

I've helped thousands of people around the world live at their best, and it would be my honor to help you too.
Eric Walrabenstein
Best-selling Author &
Ordained Yogacharya

With Eric's help I've found the joy I always knew I should have, but could never quite find.

- Janice G.
Janice testimonial.png

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Inner Peace University so transformative?

At Inner Peace U, you'll be using a first-of-its-kind Mind-Body-Spirit transformational system based upon the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation and paired with key principles from modern neuroscience. The process will actually repattern your brain and nervous system to bring more peace and joy into every area of your life.
Your Inner Peace tools include:
- Body-Bright exercises will work to refresh and rejuvenate the over-stressed nervous system leaving you joyful and full of energy. - Mind-Bright exercises will actually reprogram sabotaging brain patterns that create stress, anxiety, and worry to lift your moods and fill you with positive emotions. - Spirit Bright exercises will reconnect you with a deep and abiding sense of peace and ease that will nourish every cell in your body.

Do I need yoga experience?

Not at all!

Inner Peace University has been specially created to be accessible to everyone regardless of experience or fitness level.

If you have special needs you'd like to discuss with us before enrolling, please call us at 602-843-7872.

I already do yoga, why do I need Inner Peace University?

Inner Peace University is much more than a yoga program.

When you join us, you'll dive deep into understanding how the inner storms of emotions and struggles are created—and you'll unlock the secrets to shutting them down using the ancient mind-body technologies created by the masters of yoga and meditation.

All in all, Inner Peace University will leave you refreshed and renewed, but more importantly, armed and ready to live at peace and ease for life—no matter what it brings.

Who is Inner Peace University for?

Inner Peace University is for anyone wanting more peace, ease, confidence, and control in their lives. The first-of-its-kind process is proven effective in a wide variety of circumstances from bolstering general well-being to aiding in spiritual pursuits to recovery from a range of conditions including:

- Managing chronic stress and overwhelm
- Healing from trauma and abuse - Reclaiming control from cravings or addiction
- Recovering from grief and loss - Healing from major disease or chronic pain So whether you're interested in cultivating more joy and inner peace for your wellness, for your health, for your spiritual development, or even for your success in career or family, our unique process will literally transform your experience of life and leave you with renewed levels of energy and confidence to create the life you deserve.

How will Inner Peace University affect my daily life?

Because Inner Peace U works directly on the brain and nervous system, it will have direct and immediate effects in every area of your life.

- Greater mastery over mind and emotions will help you conquer stress and overwhelm.
- Elevated moods will help you to nourish your most important relationships. - Enhanced focus will help you to invite more success into your life. - Increased energy levels will leave you enthusiastic and ready to do the things you love. - Profound inner calm will deepen your connection with your spiritual life.
And so much more!

Best of all, if you're like most people, you'll find yourself feeling significantly more peaceful, focused, and confident at the end of the very first day!