Module 1

LESSON 1 - Welcome to Inner Peace University

Learn about your Inner Peace journey and how to get the very most from your explorations and exercises.

LESSON 2 - What is Inner Peace

Find out why our efforts to find inner peace or happiness can easily backfire and actually lead us away from what we want.

LESSON 3 - Inner Peace Mistake #1: Wrong Focus

Why what we've been taught about finding happiness and inner peace is entirely wrong.

LESSON 4 - Inner Peace Mistake #2 - Solving the Wrong Problem

Understanding the internal cycle the drives anxiety, stress, and overwhelm--and how it can be turned around to work for your happiness.

LESSON 5 - Inner Peace Mistake #3 - Wrong Perspective

"I am anxious." "I am depressed." "I am angry." How these kinds of thoughts can block us from the freedom and ease we deserve.

LESSON 6 - This Month's Daily Exercises

Find out what yoga-based tools you'll be using during the first month of our Inner Peace Journey.

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