Lesson 1

How to get back to the happy, healthy you


LIVE Wednesday, April 15

Lesson 2


How to stop optional misery

LIVE Saturday, April 18

Lesson 3


How to tame difficult emotions

LIVE Monday, April 20

Lesson 4


Your Inner Peace


LIVE Wednesday, April 22

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For the first time in months, I'm getting a full night's sleep!.

Janice R.
Seattle, WA

what people are saying...

In just a couple of days, I'm feeling lighter, happier, and the nagging anxiety is totally gone!

Benjamin L.
Charlotte, NC

Even my daughter commented on how much more calm and relaxed I seem!

Rebecca M.
Long Beach, CA

"My system has helped over 5,000 U.S. military veterans heal from PTSD and the horrors of war, just imagine what it can do for you..."

Eric Walrabenstein is a best-selling author, ordained Yogacharya (Master Teacher of yogic sciences), and nationally-renowned educator in the fields of meditation and mind-body wellness.

His work focuses on empowering people to practically apply the lesser-known aspects of yoga and mindfulness to solve some of the most urgent and immediate problems of our time.


He is the founder of Yoga Pura, one of Arizona’s largest yoga wellness centers, the creator of the BOOTSTRAP Yoga Stress-management System developed for the U.S. military, and the creator of the BrightLife Method, a first-of-its-kind mind-body approach to helping people from all walks of life gain greater mastery over their thoughts and emotions and impulses.

Eric's work has been widely featured in the media including on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Success magazine, Yoga Journal, and beyond. His podcast, This Perfect Moment, is available on Apple and Google Podcast networks.