Help your employees stay at their best in this time of crisis...

Anxiety. Stress. Overwhelm. Worry. Fear.

These are the mortal enemies of a productive workforce. And they're everywhere today.

But here's the good news. 

You can help your employees armor themselves against these destructive mental and emotional forces and help them to feel more calm, more focused, and more in control, right now, even in the madness of this pandemic.

We know it's possible because we've helped thousands achieve just that, including helping over 5,000 of our military service members and veterans heal from PTSD and the other debilitating effects of the horrors of war.

When your employees join us for Inner Peace University, we'll show them how to create more calm and control independent of the stresses and crises around them—all using a proven system that combines modern neuroscience together with the ancient wisdom from yoga and mindfulness.

In just four weeks, your employees will actually transform the way their brains and nervous systems respond to change and crisis leaving them...


  •  More focused and resilient amidst pressures and deadlines.


  • More calm and skillful when interacting with customers and coworkers.

  • More clear and confident and able to make better decisions.

  • Better rested and able to consistently invest fully in their responsibilities.

And, of course, much, much more...

It's something that will serve them—and you—not just now, but for years to come.

Don't let the pandemic win. Help your employees stay focused, calm, and successful in these trying times so that, together, you can make the mark you're here to make.

It would be our honor to help.

For the first time since the LOCK-DOWN started, I'm getting a full night's sleep!

- Melissa P.
  Insurance adjuster


Inner Peace University works to stomp out the mental and emotional disturbances that sap productivity, depress employee wellness, and drive burnout at their source—in the nervous system.

It's this single-minded focus on rooting out the true cause of disturbing thoughts and emotions that makes Inner Peace University many times more powerful than your typical mindfulness or wellness solution.

Our four weekly workshop modules combine with our daily NeuroSet Exercises to lead your employees through a unique 28-day process that recalibrates the brain and nervous system back to their natural relaxed states to create calm now—and resilience for life.

Inner Peace University is designed to fit easily within your employees' busy schedules.

Our weekly workshop modules are deployed online and take just 60 minutes to complete; our daily NeuroSet Exercises can be easily completed at home or, in some cases at work, in about 45 minutes a day.


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - where stress & anxiety really come from 
In the first module, your employees will learn about the hidden cycle that is responsible for creating troubling feelings and emotions like stress, overwhelm, and anxiety--a cycle that lives in the brain and nervous system. They'll discover the Three Points of Interdiction that they can start using right away to restore calm, focus, and enthusiasm at will.

Daily NeuroSet Exercises focus on restoring balance to the overstressed nervous system.
TAMING THE MIND - breaking the cycle of stress & overwhelm
In this module, your employees will discover how distracted and fragmented attention fuels the experience of stress and overwhelm and leads to negativity and exaggerated perceptions of adversity. They'll learn customized techniques to rein in the mind to create more focus, calm, and positivity as if on autopilot
Daily NeuroSet Exercise aimed at developing unconditional focus to mitigate stress cycles.
BUILDING RESILIENCE - creating calm in difficult circumstances
In module three, your employees will root out hidden and little-known tendencies of mind that create  unnecessary conflict and friction, and will begin to master new tools to create progressively more composure and confidence no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. 

Daily NeuroSet Exercises focus on
 increasing capacity for calmly weathering difficulty and crisis.
In our final module, your employees will explore the phenomena of moods and emotions and learn to reclaim their power from difficult feelings that can drive unhelpful behaviors and stress critical relationships.

Daily NeuroSet Exercises focus on recalibrating unhealthy responses to emotions and feelings.
INCREASING SELF MASTERY - controlling moods and emotions

aFTER just a couple of days, I'm feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest.

- Dennis R.



with Eric Walrabenstein


With my anxiety under control, I'm actually feeling like I can get back to business.

- Janice G.
  Real Estate Manager


FOUR WEEKLY WORKSHOPS where they'll learn the entire Inner Peace University system to create more inner calm and clarity, even in the most challenging circumstances.

FOUR WEEKS OF DAILY NEURO-SET EXERCISES to reset the mind and nervous system to their natural relaxed balance leaving them filled with energy and enthusiasm.

TRANSFORMATIONAL DAY-MAPPING SYSTEM to help them chart their course to more positivity, confidence, and focus.
LIVE WEEKLY GROUP COACHING to ensure your employees are getting maximum benefit from the program in every area of their lives.
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What makes Inner Peace University so transformative?

At Inner Peace University, your employees will be using a first-of-its-kind Mind-Body transformational system based upon the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation and paired with key principles from modern neuroscience.

The process actually repatterns the brain and nervous systems so they can more effectively metabolize stress and difficulty and bring more peace and joy into every area of life.

Do my employees need yoga experience?

Not at all!

While yoga postures are a part of the NeuroSet Exercises, the posture sequence is simple and accessible to every body type and fitness level.

If you have employees with special needs, please discuss accomodation options with your Client Services Coordinator.

What if my employees already do yoga and meditate?

Inner Peace University is much more than a yoga program.

When your employees join us, they'll dive deep into understanding how the inner storms of emotions and struggles are actually created—and they'll unlock the secrets to shutting them down using the ancient mind-body technologies created by the masters of yoga and meditation.

All in all, Inner Peace University will leave your workforce refreshed and renewed, but more importantly, armed and ready to work together in clarity, optimism, and enthusiasm.

What type of organization is Inner Peace University for?

Inner Peace University is for forward-thinking organizations that understand their employees well-being is key to their success. The first-of-its-kind process is proven effective in providing a wide variety of benefits from bolstering general well-being to helping your employees meet challenges in new and more effective ways to making your commitment to your employees best lives felt in a tangible way.

How will Inner Peace University affect my employees in daily life?

Because Inner Peace University works directly on the brain and nervous system, it will have direct and immediate effects in every area of your employees lives including...

- Greater mastery over mind and emotions to conquer stress and overwhelm.
- Elevated moods to nourish their critical relationships with clients and coworkers. - Enhanced focus to maximize productivity in a hectic workplace. - Increased energy levels to meet new challenges. And so much more!

Best of all, most people find themselves feeling significantly more peaceful, focused, and confident at the end of the very first day!

How much time will be required of my employees?

Inner Peace University is designed to fit easily in your employees' busy lives.

Each week for four weeks, your employees with attend once-a-week, 60-minute workshop that will teach them everything they need to know about the Inner Peace objective of the week.

Then at home or at work, they will perform their daily NeuroSet exercises to make lasting changes to how their nervous systems respond to stress and challenges of every kind.


Eric Walrabenstein is a former U.S. Army officer turned best-selling author and nationally-renowned mind-body wellness expert.

For nearly 30 years, he's been combining the ancient secrets from yoga and meditation with modern neuroscience to help people unlock the abundant, empowered, and connected lives they deserve—
including helping over 5,000 veterans reclaim their lives from PTSD and the horrors of war.

Learn more about Eric on his website,, or by reading about his work which has been featured widely in the media including on ABC, NBC, Success Magazine, Yoga Journal, and beyond.
Eric Walrabenstein
Best-selling Author &