Specializing in making ancient wisdom practical and relevant for daily life,
E regularly delivers programs for a wide range of audiences including

corporate teams, therapists, police and military groups, and of course yoga

and meditation teachers. 


E's programs include:

BOOTSTRAP Yoga-based, Stress-Management    >> learn more

BOOTSTRAP has helped over 5,000 troops and veterans heal from debilitating cases of stress, including post-traumatic stress. This first-of-its-kind program was designed specifically to help heal military-related stress conditions but is now in use by people from all walks of life.


The ten-week, curriculum-driven program combines yoga’s science of mind with the latest modern stress-management principles and has been proven effective in less than one hour per day. Designed to be performed in the privacy of one’s own home, BOOTSTRAP is available for military members and veterans at no charge.

PRACTICAL MEDITATION: How to Transform Your Life with Meditation's Science of Mind  >> learn more

While commonly thought of as one practice, meditation is actually a vast array of techniques designed to quiet and focus the mind in a way that yields a range of life-changing benefits.
Even so, to get the maximum benefit from this ancient science, it is critical to understand not only its techniques, but how to use them to specifically address the underlying causes of dimished wellness and productivity.
This unique six-week series de-mystifies the practice and arms participants with practical techniques to help harness the power of meditation for success in work, relationships, health, and happiness.
Each class combines a mix of theory and practice with special home-based practices given each week to help dismantle unhelpful habits, diffuse negative thought patterns, and forge greater clarity, focus, and productivity in every corner of life.
TOTAL WELLNESS: Synthesizing the life you want—from the inside out   >> contact us for details
The ancient masters of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation spent their lives devoted to the study of the human condition. As a result of their work, these mind-body technologists developed a vast range of tools and techniques that can be used to create great wellness, ease, and happiness—even in the midst of our busy lives. This course explores the inner workings of the body-mind with a focus on using proven techniques to realizing the often-ignored possibility of synthesizing great happiness and peace from what we have today.
Master-level Yoga Teacher Training & Life Mastery Course     >> contact us for details
E’s Yoga Teacher Training Program is among the most comprehensive in the nation. As Arizona’s first master-level course, the program engages students in their own personal journey of yogic transformation as a necessary foundation for teaching. The course explores a wide range of lesser-known aspects of the science of yoga from scriptural foundations to the customized application of yoga technology.
Professional Yoga Nidra Instructor Training     >> learn more
As one of  the first professional-level Yoga Nidra certification courses in the nation, Yoga pura’s Yoga Nidra Teacher Training prepares students to employ this ancient science of meditation and relaxation to address a wide range of conditions.
BOOTSTRAP Instructor & Stress Specialist Certification    >> learn more
This professional-level training certifies therapists, counselors, yoga teachers, and others to teach the BOOTSTRAP Stress Management system in individual and small group settings. The five-week certification course is delivered online and includes the full BOOTSTRAP program together with a wide range of support resources.
 IMPACT: the Art & Science of Delivering Your Message    >> contact us for details

There are presenters and performers that are good, then there are others who completely captivated your attention--almost independent of what they may be saying or doing. This talent for commanding an audience is often referred to as the elusive "X-Factor." IMPACT is about awakening the X-Factor in yourself. Through a proven system of customized exercises, this program teaches how to tune the five psycho-physical points of leverage to tune your instruments of body and mind make an impact that cannot be forgotten.


Specially created for teachers, speakers, attorneys, performers, and presenters of every kind, this training is perfect for anyone wanting to move beyond being merely heard, to being felt.


Additional Programs (partial list)

- Discovering Your Life Purpose                                   - The Stress-less Workplace

- Conquering the Monster of Craving                         - Unreasonable Happiness

- Encountering the Eternal Self                                    - Meditation & Mindfulness for Modern Life


Custom programs available.



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