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Eric Walrabenstein

For When Success is Not Enough


We all know what success looks like.

The right education.

The right job.

The right bank account balance.

The right family.

The success that we work so hard for feels great. That is, until it doesn't

The truth is that our conventional idea about success is but a temporary solution to an eternal problem. One that begs for a

If you're like many people who have "made it" and are still not feeling like you've arrived, let me help.

Meaning, purpose

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There's an invisible force at work in our lives.


It's a force that affects how we perceive the world, what we think, how we feel, and even what we say and do. It is arguably the most powerful determiner of our success or failure, at home, at work, and in every sphere of our lives.


And yet, very few of us are consciously managing it.

So what is this all-powerful force? Well, it's called Mindset, but it's not the oversimplified version of Mindset that many of us think of.

The truth is your Mindset is composed of a rich and varied collection of thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives through which you perceive, filter, and interpret everything in your world. 
It operates silently in the background of your mind and can work powerfully to block or unleash great success in your life.
Mindset affects or career and financial success.
Mindset affects our love and relationships.
Mindset affects our moods and happiness.
Mindset affects our health and wellness.
Yes, our Mindset is truly and invisible force that far more—and far more important—than the popular, and mistaken, notion that Mindset as little more than a positive attitude or self belief.
And here's the best part: Your Mindset can be sculpted, manicured, and trained in a way to propel you towards your goals: in money, in career, in love, and even in health.
The only question is: Have you taken control of your Mindset?