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Create the kind of life you deserve using yoga's most sacred wisdom
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See what's waiting for you inside the BrightLife Yoga Life-Mastery Collective from our founding teacher

Learn Yoga's Secrets to Creating Lasting Happiness right now, with the life you've got

Yoga life-mastery. It's all about creating the life that you truly deserve using yoga's most powerful wisdom.

We're talking about a life filled to the brim with abundance and love and health and connection—and a real and lasting happiness that isn't subject to life's ups and downs. 


But here's what you really need to know...

If you want yoga to transform your entire life...

you have to take yoga with you into your entire life.

Because so long as your yoga is confined to your yoga mat or meditation cushion, it can only take you so far...and you deserve more. Much more.

Of course, when I say yoga, I’m not talking about the bending and the breathing and the meditating that most people know (although that is part of it). I’m talking about yoga’s most sacred wisdom that you just won't find in yoga classes these days.


Because, when you tap that wisdom, instead of a life that leaves you...

- Filled with doubts and regrets and wondering if you're on the right path...

- Or anxious and overwhelmed robbing your family and friends of the best of you...

- Or exhausted and depleted feeling like you're in a constant battle against life itself...

Instead of that, you'll be living every day in a life that actually nourishes you.

One that fills you with joy, feeds you with confidence, fuels you with energy, 
and, if you desire, awakens within you a real connection to your Divine Source.

Yes, it is possible. I know, because over the last 30 years, I've helped thousands of people from all walks of life do just that.

In fact, it's why I created the Bright Life Yoga Life-mastery Collective.


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Only $47/mo

(Regularly $79/mo)


February 2nd!

How it works...

As a Member of the Collective, you'll be learning to apply yoga's lost teachings and practices where they matter most: in your everyday life to awaken the joyous and spiritually-connected life you deserve. In just minutes a day...

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Come together each week with me live, online.*


Every Monday, we meet online on Zoom to learn about the week's wisdom and practices. Look forward to a new teaching and practice every week.

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Amaze yourself as you rejuvenate and remake your life with yoga.


From posture sequences to soothe your nerves, to meditations to calm your mind, and real-world practices to deepen your relationships. You'll be radically transforming your life in just minutes a day.

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Be nourished by the love and support from friends around the world.


Become part of a world-wide group of peace seekers, spiritual travelers, and change makers all working together to make their lives—and our world—better and better.

*All sessions are at 5:00pm Pacific and are recorded and posted to the membership site for any-time viewing

Only $47/mo

(Regularly $79/mo)


February 2nd!


The Zones of Meaning are areas that are the very foundation upon which a life of true joy, fulfillment, and purpose is built.

"I feel completely aligned with my inspired life's purpose."



"I live in radiant health with all the energy I need for the things I love."



"I feel completely safe and supported with everything I need."



"I am nurtured and fulfilled by my relationships with family & friends."



"I feel worthy, seen, and cherished for who I am, as I am."



"I am nourished by a tangible, connection to something greater than myself."



Just imagine what your life will feel like when...

Creating the Life You Deserve...

As a Member of the BrightLife Yoga Collective, you won't just be doing yoga, you'll be using it...

Using it intentionally, even surgically, to create the radiant and joyous life you deserve.

To do this, you'll be using our one-of-a-kind process of whole-life transformation using some of yoga's most powerful teachings and practices in each of the Six Zones of Meaning.

We're talking about yoga practices like...

Vairagya to soothe the mind's reactivity so you can be more loving and connected to your children or partner or friends.

Pratipaksha Bhavana to purge limiting beliefs and sabotaging mental narratives to free you to fearlessly pursue your dreams.


Yoga nidra to heal the wounds from traumatic past experiences so you can be fully present in your life and relationships.

And so much more...

CLICK HERE to see an example of a Real-World Yoga Practice from The BrightLife Yoga Life Mastery Collective

So, if you're ready to step into the majesty that life has waiting for you, well, let's just say you're in the right place.

Because you don't have to do this alone.

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Joining the BrightLife Yoga Collective has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. For my yoga, for myself, and for my family.

-Margaret R.

  E.R. Nurse

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led by Yogacharya Eric Walrabenstein
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A live, online Satsang with teaching and coaching led by Yogacharya Eric Walrabenstein
(Every Monday at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern; all recorded and posted in the Member Site for anytime viewing)

A custom on-the-mat practice session to help you rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.
Special off-the mat yoga practices to put your yoga to work where it matters most—in your life

All sessions recorded for any-time viewing

Special bonus events monthly 

Membership in the private Collective
Online Community
ONLY $79 
per month
New Year Special
 JUST $47
per month
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If you're not completely amazed by your BrightLife Yoga experience, just let me know in the first 14 days after enrollment and I'll gladly give you a full refund!
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Each and every week, you'll embark on a new life-transforming yoga journey including...

See how the BrightLife Yoga Collective is changing lives...
Join us and let your story be next!


The BrightLife Yoga Collective, changed my life and probably saved my life!"


After 4 decades of failed diets, this work has enabled me to lose 100 pounds and keep it off.


After 33 surgeries and decades of chronic pain, I'm happier than I've ever been. If this can work for me, it can work for anyone.

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An ordained Yogacharya (master of yoga and meditation sciences), Eric has dedicated his life to the evolution of consciousness and sees his chief role as helping his students to construct lives of meaning, purpose, and joy beyond what they may have ever imagined for themselves.

In addition to his work with the Collective, Eric is the founder of Yoga Pura, one of Arizona's largest yoga and wellness schools, is the creator of the BOOTSTRAP yoga stress-management program developed for the U.S. military, and has helped thousands heal from addiction with his yoga-based recovery method.

His work has been widely featured in the media including on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Success magazine, Yoga Journal, and beyond.

Your Guide & Teacher

The BrightLife Yoga Collective is led by best-selling author and Yoga Master Eric Walrabenstein who has been teaching people how to reconnect with the power, wisdom, and majesty of their true selves for nearly 30 years.

As featured on

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What Our Members are Saying...

I've seen the biggest difference with my kids. I have more patience and energy without even trying.

-Elizabeth H.

Stay-at-home Mom


I've connected more deeply with Spirit through what Eric has taught me than I ever did in Seminary.

-Matthew P.


Professional Man

Hands down, the most valuable spiritual work I've ever done! I use what I've learned with clients every day.

-Jennifer L.

 Marriage & Family Therapist

Woman Reading

I wish I found you earlier. This could have saved me tens of thousands of dollars in therapy!

-Melanie P.

Interior Designer


Eric's ability to make the esoteric truths practical has opened a new world to me and my students!

-Sonia M.

Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher

Working with Eric has made me a better father. It's literally changed the course of my family's life.

-Joaquin S.

 Marine Staff Sergeant (retired)


Frequently Asked Questions

Only $47/mo

(Regularly $79/mo)


February 2nd!

The BrightLife Yoga Manifesto

We are all here to experience lives of great joy, purpose, meaning, and belonging.


The distractions and pressures of our modern world are unnecessarily obstructing us from the lives of fullness and connection we deserve.


Great love and wholeness and a lived connection to our Divine Source is available to us all from where we stand now.