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ABHYASA - Right Effort

Sadhana (daily practices)

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ON-THE-MAT SADHANA - Monthly Yoga Posture Sequence

Use this practice session to help you explore this month's Wisdom Theme. For best results, perform your On-the-Mat Sadhana a minimum of three times per week while keeping the following tips in mind:

• Don’t eat for an hour prior to performing the practice.
• Perform the sequence in comfortable clothing and bare feet.
• Focus on what you are doing, not on reaching a goal.
• Move slowly and mindfully as you respect your limits.
• Remember, perfecting the posture is not the goal.


For more information on the postures, see the Video Posture Guide here.

Use your fill-in-the-blank Insight Journal each day to help you integrate your Off-the-Mat Sadhana into your daily life. Click below to download your journal.

OFF-THE-MAT SADHANA - Practices for Daily Life