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I'm so excited to welcome you to the BrightLife Yoga Collective!

You're about to step onto a one-of-a-kind path of self-discovery and personal transformation using yoga's most sacred wisdom.

For most of us, the BrightLife process will be a totally new way of using the ancient practices of yoga, and that's why I've created these short videos to help you get the very most from your adventure ahead!

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Introduction to the BrightLife Yoga Collective

Learn about the BrightLife Collective's five major transformational elements and how to use them throughout your yoga journey.


Join me live each Monday on Zoom at 5:00pm Pacific (8:00pm Eastern) where we'll dive into our week's Yoga Wisdom Theme and practices.

Watch your email each Monday for your login details.

Live Satsang 1 - Monday, February 1st

Live Satsang 2 - Monday, February 8th

Live Satsang 3 - Monday, February 15th

Live Satsang 4 - Monday, February 22nd


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Your On-the-Mat Practices

Your On-the-Mat Yoga Practices are likely to feel the most familiar to you, but that doesn't mean they're more of the same. In this video, I'll tell you about the unique way we'll be utilizing yoga's practices to maximize their impact in every area of our lives.

Your Off-the-Mat Practices

Your BrightLife Off-the-Mat Yoga Practices are the "Secret Weapon" that makes possible the monumental shifts and life-altering transformations our Members see every day.

Watch this video to learn more about how you can get the most from them.


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